QB options

Well that sucks … only 5 games in and wr are basicaply back to square one and lacking most starting recievers

My concern is over the coach being in must win mode as he fights for a contract.renewal instead of properly builfing our QB talent within and letting them play …good or bad

If Fine struggles and we see a carrisel start it could kill the development of any or all our young qb’s

Or even worse if they go all in trying to trade.for ankthet aging veteran like BLM or Evans …

I dont expect the riders to win many more games.this season but want to see the riders use this.seadon to build.for next year and not try at all.costs.just to win a couple more games


I agree. Stay with the QBs on the roster. The hope is enough wins will come for a 50/50 season.

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So is it going to be Fine #1, Patterson #2, and Dolegala now #3?

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If suspect fine 1 , dolegala 2 and patterson stays as short yardage

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That’s not the only problem we have, we got sacked 8 times, and is why Harris got hurt IMO, trying to run the ball after o-line break downs. Won’t matter who we use if they have to keep running for their lives. Starting to look like last year again!! O’Day needs to go!! He knew we needed this fixed. It is not and don’t use injuries either, was not good to start with. But it has fallen off the cliff again!! BC is gonna hammer us!!


They wont change coaching staff till.the off season … its going to be a rough ride the rest of the season

Its also back to back games. Under 100 yards first 1/2 stats which in itself is a huge problem.

You can only win so many come from behind games before it catches up to them

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Yeah, sooner or later their finger nails will fall off, I still think the o-line is a problem, why is everyone always injured, the management on this team might be a tad soft. You don’t see these ongoing problems on other teams. Or am I out to lunch. Remember. Nice guys finish last.

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The top Brass (Oday especially) has known the O-line was a problem last year and is a HUGE PROBLEM this year as well. If there isn;t money spent on AAAA excellent O-line tallent we’ll live with scrambling QB’s and injuries for seasons to come.
Unbelieveably poor poor talent scouting!!!


They’ve already won more than I expected this year, though not one of their wins was anywhere near convincing.

I truly hope that this injury doesn’t give the board an excuse to keep ODay and give him another chance, because his tenure has been a fairly unabashed failure.

CARSON WENTZ should be given the right to QB the team next season, bring him in now for the rest of the season for him to get a grasp of the league. He is from NORTH DAKOTA STATE, so you’d think maybe he would be interested in 5 years in the CFL to showcase himself.

He will make more dreesing as the third QB in the nfl than playing in the CFL.

Im sure at this point padding that NFL pension is higher on his list of priorities as he is 31 already and did play in the NFL last season

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dolegala get some playing time. He could could be used in particular situations.

It will be fun to watch fajardo go up against fine in a match up. Can’t wait for Friday night.

I’d rather watch Fajardo go up against Streveler, but he’d never come to play here behind this O Line. Fine was impressive last game, no question, but I’d still like to see Dolegala in there.

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Streaker, he didn’t do anything in Winnipeg, all he could do is run the ball. On 3rd downs, No thanks.

I like Fine.better than Chris hands down

His strenghts were short yardage.and rushing …not passing. In the CFL passing is a must as a top.ability in any QB. Just look at edmonton and Cornelious … he can run like a fullback but struggled.greatly to.be consistent in his passing

I still see Streveler landing as a third qb when healthy in the NFL.

I hope we stick.with fine and really give.him a shot to take.the starting role


Il n’est pas certain que Fajardo soit de la partie. Les Alouettes estiment qu’il sera le partant, mais ça pourrait être Evans. Si c’est Evans, les chances de victoire des Roughriders sont excellentes. Si c’est Alexander, c’est moins certain. Le jeune peut surprendre.

Well that wasn’t much fun. This team as gone steadily downhill the last 3 years, not much improvement on offence. O-line still major problem, all q.b.’s are getting injured. Who in their right mind would want to be a q.b. On this team.


You’ve got a good point there Ed. If things don’t improve much, the next great Rider QB to materialize behind center in 2024 will be a guy who’s skipped his meds. He’ll be highly talented but unstable as heck. Failing to run the right route downfield might get a receiver stabbed in this offense. It’ll be entertaining but Coach Dickenson will have to keep his tranquilizer gun at the ready.




I see they traded for Pipkin, guess he can’t be any worse than fine…the woessss continue!!