QB Musings

I think we will see some interesting QB moves, some expected others not so much so.

BC: They showed some dissatisfaction in leadership last year and brought in Pierce to help that out. Lulay has had shoulder issues for the past two years and I just get the feeling that he may not be the golden boy many think him to be. They have no true back-up now with DiMarco gone to Ottawa. I think they will be in play for Willy especially now with Khari Jones as OC. Or it wouldn't surprise me to see Collaros land there. but my bet is Willy

Calgary: I think Tate will emerge as the starter as opposed to BLM.

Winnipeg: Could land Burris. He'll go to highest bidder. I don't think Collaros will go there. Its a bit of a QB graveyard isn't it?
McPherson could be the ghost that is in the shadows.

Edmonton and Sask are set.


Hamilton: I see Collaros landing there. He needs to start. Hammy lets Burris walk and Austin is great at developing QBs and Collaros needs to develop. Money is not an issue.

Ottawa: I think they may disrupt things if they go after one of the FA-Collaros or Willy but they may. But I think they want Glenn to be their face of franchise now. And they don't want to start off with a controversy.

Montreal: Have a gem in Smith.

Toronto: set

Don't they still have Joey Elliott?

I think it's waay to early to call Smith a "gem." Now he might, maybe, develop into a quality starter, but based on last year's play I think it is premature to say he's a gem.

AC was struggling before his injury, everyone agrees on that, but he still had a 58.7 completion percentage. Smith was 52.6, which is certainly nothing to write home about. Even Neiswander and Marsh had marginally better completion percentages, at 56.3 and 52.8, respectively.

So I am far from sold on the guy as of yet.

Re: Elliott: BC cut him last year when they brought in Pierce.Then retrieved him. I don't see him pushing Lulay. And I believe BC wants Lulay pushed.

Re Smith: Some prefer gold. Some love silver. I like Smith. Eye of the beholder and all that. But ya...if you prefer Marsh or Neiswander then we have a totally different eye on talent for sure.

Just to be clear: I believe Collaros to be the major signing if anyone can get him before he ends up on any of 17 NFL teams desperate for a QB. I think he will be a great CFL QB.

Oh I was not saying that I preferred either Neiswander or Marsh, far from it. . . just that I'm not sold on Smith yet, because his numbers aren't any better than those 2.

Oh I know. But in my eye those two are not even in the same conversation as Smith. Those numbers, to me, are not key but I get they may be for you. For me its like saying that an ounce of gold and an ounce of feathers are the same number....therefore the same comparison....the same value.