QB Logic????

As a fan of the Ti-Cats I don't understand why after almost a year and half of playing Jason Maas why coaches are so behind this guy, he is after all more of a back up QB than a starter. When he played for Edmonton he was back up to Ricky Ray and I believe that was the reason he played so well in relief is because he needs to back up a really good starting QB.

I don't believe for a minute that Maas can do the job on his own, most QB's can't wait for the opportunity to start or be the starting QB but Jason Maas's stats and numbers with the Cats are bad at best. I believe the new outlook for the Cats is to give the ball to Timmy Chang and Win, Lose or Draw at least you know the future of the team is riding on this young gun.

Let Jason play back up and if he comes in, in relief and has a good game all the better if not play the other back up. Last year all the hype was around Jason Maas coming to the Cats and the job he was going to do, well he did nothing and lost Greg Marshall his job. In Pro Football it's all based on the QB, if the team has a good QB who is throwing TD's and being a team leader on the field it makes a world of difference just look at Danny Mac when he first started with the Cats, or Damon Allen, Anthony Calvillo when these guys get hot there hard to stop but they also have consistancy in their play something Jason Maas hasen't had. When Maas played for Edmonton the majority of footballs he threw where to recievers who could not only catch but players like Tucker or Mitchell who ran patterns designed to come back to the QB and catch the ball, Maas would throw the ball up and the reciever would come back and take the catch away from the defender, sometimes it looked like a sure interception for the defence instead the reciever came up with the ball and the catch for the TD. We need a QB who can pass with confidence and authority, not by chance and on the same token recievers who actually hang on to the ball, catch it, grip it, rip it.

In response to Charlie Taaffe asking the fans to take a pill and relax when expecting a winner out of the Cats team.

First off our fans have waited a long time to see this team just come out and perform on the field. I for one am not expecting a Grey Cup winner off the bat but I do expect a team that gives 110% every game and if we lose we lose by a TD or something repectable not 30 points. The fans are the key to the Cats, they are the customers and like any other business if you make the fans mad and they lose faith you have lost a good customer and support and that's the last thing you want to do. "It could take years to get a good customer and a few seconds to lose them". So the Cats should drive the HAMMER HOME and start playing good football. Let's make the Al's your first victory, Go Cats Go!!!!

Telling the fans to take a chill pill is an arrogant and disrespectful approach to taking the disgruntled fan pressure off the players. What is this guy (Taaffe) thinking. He is an 0-2 rookie coach with this team and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Coach Taafe should chill out from stabbing the fans who demand an improved show and get the job done.

What Coach Charlie Taffe say’s publicly and what his actions during the games are two different things.Publicly he has to say that there is " no QB controversy ",but during the games he is inserting Chang earlier every game, to the point that Chang will be starting pretty soon if not against Montreal.Coach has shown that he does not waste time with players who do not perform (ie Shaw and more to come).l believe that when Coach Taffe was hired they made him promise to give Jason a fair chance ,but Coach isnt stupid ,he nows QB’s and Maas is finished as ours!!!

8) I bet Coach Taaffe got that line, "take a chill pill" from that great movie "Jackie Brown" !!! :wink: