QB Kerry Joseph draws Eskimos start against Tiger-Cats

[url=http://blogs.edmontonjournal.com/2012/09/10/qb-kerry-joseph-draws-eskimos-start-against-tiger-cats-on-saturday-kavis-reed/]http://blogs.edmontonjournal.com/2012/0 ... avis-reed/[/url]
“The way Kerry has been playing, we owe it to this franchise to continue with Kerry Joseph right now, given that Steven (Jyles) is not completely healthy,? Reed told a scrum of reporters at Commonwealth Stadium. “To be quite honest, we had a chat with Steven, if Kerry continues on the way he is, we may look at that as the option for us.

“But, this franchise deserves every opportunity to be playing at the end of the year, so we’re going to stick with Kerry right now.?

Joseph, who turns 39 on Oct. 4, began the year as the backup to Jyles,

Either way, an Eskimo is getting offensive player of the week.

Watch Ham make these turkey's look like the Green Bay Packers. :oops:

I hope so. The Packers just lost their opener at home.

Whichever one starts...he will have a career day!

So will their 3 excellent running backs. Also Fred Stamps has had a poor season so far but the Cats will cheer him up a bit and get him back on track. He should get over a hundred yards easy.

It sounds like comedy but it's actually sad that the Cats have become that predictable. :frowning: