QB job not locked in-Drew Edwards The Spec

8) So you are saying that whatever QB starts the season should be given at least 5 regular season games to start before any switch is made irregardless of their ineptitude ???
Not a chance.  If Porter starts and we lose the first 5 games because of his inept play, we can kiss another season away again !!  This team cannot afford to lose their first 5 games for any reason !!!

Management, the coaching staff, and we the fans would not tolerate that scenario at all !!!

I do agree with your points regarding former QB's since Danny Mac, but the reason for that is that none of those QB's were good enough to play or win as starters in the CFL !!!

I certainly would not take that as an insult. I am acting like an adult. If someone is going to post something on a forum then others have the right to retort against those comments.

Just because someone is insulted by something does not mean it was insulting. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. Many people on here criticize and insult me for what I say. I'm talking direct insults and not just general comments on my football knowledge like I made to him.. You don't see me crying about it.

I was not referring to the statement that Glen was better in 07 than in 08. A child could figure that out. I'm talking about your comment that if Glen plays like his 08 self that Porter should start. My point is that how can throwing almost 4000 yards be a QB you wouldn't want.

Then you missed my point...........there were two parts to it........I indicated that if Glenn plays like 2008 AND Porter plays the way he did against Montreal last year..........then Porter wins the job. And if Glenn plays like he did in 2007 AND Porter plays poorly, then Glenn wins the job.

Actually is is insulting Zen. Your failure to understand that is consistant. You can disagree with someone without calling them stupid. Its common courtesy to do so.

I expect that Porter will have some troubles along the way if he is given the nod. I do believe that it is far more important to develop offensive cohesion in the case of Glenn and learning the Canadian game in Porter's than it is to win an extra game early on. The only way either QB has a chance to succeed is to be given an opportunity and anything less than 5 regular season games is not that IMO

I never called anyone stupid. Don’t put words in my mouth.

Saying that Madjack is incapable of comprehending
what he sees when he watches Kevin Glenn play

and that he needs to read what the media says
about what kind of a year Kevin had in 2008

to understand is clearly an insult, Zen.

As AKT said

Try and play nicely and act like an adult, please.

We are all here to state our own opinions, Zen.

not to tell other posters that their opinions are wrong.

I apologize if my comments seemed insulting but I assure you they were not meant that way. I was a little harsh.

Kevin Glenn was brought in here to be the veteran backup to Porter. I don't think that has changed. The real battle might be between Tafralis and Boltus for the number three spot. I don't see a controversy anywhere but there certainly is a lot of good young quarterback talent on the team. What a pleasant problem to have. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

That is what I want to hear from the coach Pat. I really get nervous when he plays right into the QB bashers on both sides of the equation. IMO his statements only served to rev up the Glenn backers should ther be a slip up of any kind by Porter . I'm not sure which QB should start but I cannot stomach yet another season of second guessing. Pick a guy and go with it. If Glenn is your guy say so. If Porter is the future act like you mean it and let him play through his inevitable mistakes but make up your mind which direction we a re going

I'm having a hard time liking Glen and what us to develop or own QB something this team hasn't done in many many years. Also if our defence cant keep us in a game we are in for another very difficult season. Go Cats. :thup:

8) According to Marcel it has changed now Pat. Marcel has now stated that a regular season starter has yet to be determined !!!
  Porter and Glenn are both competing for the starting job.  Marcel also states that he may use both of them during the regular season  !!!

Accepted zenstate, and thanks.

And just so we're clear, I am not one of those who didn't want Glenn in Hamilton. Frankly, I think it was a shrewd move by Obie, (a) for bringinng in a quality QB with experience, and (b) for calling Kelly's bluff and not trading an asset to get him, instead waiting for Kelly to cut him loose and then signing him.

And the bottom line for me is let them both get their reps in training camp, give them roughly equal time in the two exhibition games, and may the best man win. Tiger-Cats need to win, and as long as they win I don't believe there should be a lot of whining here about who the starter happens to be.........as long as they win.

I don't think there is much doubt that Porter is the future of the Ticats. But that future does not have to be this year. Porter showed some real potential last year, but he really only had one great game. He also had some very average games. Glen is a proven starter and the Cats could do a lot worse than having him as the starter for most of the season. We should want the best guy in there to do the job this season and if that's Glen, I'm good with that. One year for Porter to work as backup and learn the game a little more, build some confidence and be ready to take over the starting role is fine with me.
Obie, coming from BC, is used to working with a one-two tandem that can share quarterbacking duties if necessary. That's where I think we are heading - a starter and a backup that are more or less interchangeable.

A lot of fans remember the Porter that lit up the Als last year....

Don't forget that it was the same Porter that was horrible against the same Als a week later and who just as bad against the Lions...

That's OK though because young QBs will do that....I still think that Porter has the tools to be a real star in this league, he can run, throw and seems to have that intangible which is Composure....

I can name a bunch of QB's out there who had tools but not composure....Michael Bishop can throw a ball through a stone wall, but even if he plays till he's 90, he will will never have composure. Same thing about Timmy Chang, Marcus Brady and a bunch of never was's.

I personally don't think that competition is a bad thing...but in the long run I think that Porter has to get more experience and learn how to win...it all comes down to that.

The Argos wouldnt name a starter and it led to a disastouris season !!!!

I have a feeling that they have Porter set as the starter in their minds but since everyone else is breaking their bodies competing for jobs, they probably wouldn't deem it fair to just say "here ya go Quinton, they're all yours, good luck". It's either Glenn or Porter and Porter has a way better chance because he was hired to become the starter and Glenn was hired to be a veteran backup. Glenn's a cool guy, I doubt he'll start a controversy.

I think you are correct there. I've always seen Kevin Glenn as a team-first kind of guy who isn't going to whine if he's not the starter. He didn't when he was backing up Khari Jones in Winnipeg, nor did he whine when he got benched for a few games in favour of Dinwiddie last season. Come to think of it, I don't think he complained when he was in Regina behind Greene and Burris...........

Quinton was told in the off season that it was his job to lose.

Marcel was definitely sending Quinton a message
telling the media that the # 1 spot isn't locked up.

He may feel that, so far during this Training Camp,

Quinton Porter is not performing up to expectations
or up to the level that Kevin Glenn is performing at.

You folks who are sold on this talented young man,
there is still lots of time for him not to lose the job.

He has another half of Training Camp to go
and more importantly two exhibition games

to prove that he is really 'ready for prime time'

Kevin is not ready to roll over and play dead, though.