QB job not locked in-Drew Edwards The Spec


[b]QB job not locked in, after all

Quinton Porter and Kevin Glenn 'are competing
for a job and both need to play equally'

June 16, 2009 Drew Edwards The Hamilton Spectator[/b]

Bellefeuille is now describing his quarterbacks as "1 and 1a,"

and saying that a regular-season starter has yet to be determined.

I have said before that it was a smart marketing decision
to refer to Quinton Porter as our # 1 QB in the off season

then, people wouldn't expect him to be a Casey Printers type 'Savior"

because of his inexperience and his lack of
a history of outstanding successes behind him.

When they were able to finally lassoo Kevin Glenn
it was smart to de-emphasizes his role here.

i had a sense that Kevin Glenn hasn't 'lost it'

and he proves that to me ever day at Training Camp

As Drew says

That seems to be a change from the off-season

when Porter was described as the defacto starter

and Glenn the backup. [And he quotes Marcel as saying.]

"We needed a starting point and that was our starting point.

But we always knew it was going to be a tough decision," Bellefeuille said.

Both QBs have demonstrated the ability to be starters
in the CFL, according to the first-year head coach.

"Kevin has shown he has some game left in him and that
he can still play at a high level," Bellefeuille said.

"Quinton has shown he has the ability to pick up where he left off last year."

A final determination on a No. 1 won't be made
until after the second pre-season game and

Bellefeuille didn't rule out using both during the regular season.

"A number of scenarios could play themselves out where,
if a guy is not playing as well as he needs to be but

he's not in a position where we want to take him out the game,
the other guy could come in for a few series," said Bellefeuille.

All lip service.

Porter can go 0-25 and Glenn 25-25 and they will still give the starting gig to Porter.
It is best for the team.

How about this line:
Glenn has a world of experience and had a great camp. At this time we feel that Glen can add more on the sidelines and can easily go in cold if Porter struggles.

It would not look good to the rest of the team to say that Porter is being handed a job.

This is a terrble development. This guarentees a QB controversy

There was a bit of one already in camp, Tafralis seems to want to battle for first as does Boltus. What they don't get is that this isn't a wide open QB audition, we know who we want to start there end of story.

I think the coach is just hedging his bets a little bit, and he's wise to do so.

I understood that going in to TC, Porter hadn't been anointed the starter, but he was pencilled in there; but let's face it, this team needs to win and so therefore the best QB to give the team a chance of winning should start.

If in the 2 exhibition games Porter looks like the great QB we saw against Montreal, and Glenn plays like the 2008 Glenn, then Porter should start.

But, on the other hand, if Porter looks like that game against Montreal was a flash in the pan and Glenn plays like the 2007 Glenn, then Glenn should start.

May the best man win.

Amen to that.

Um.. 08 Glenn still threw for almost 4000 yards.. your point is empty. Any logical minded football fan would never think that many passing yards is a bad season. He was 1 of 12 guys..

Some fans on here seem to have no real football vision. All you see is something you don't understand and then you just regurgitate what the media says.


Methinks you may be overstating it.

Porter has next to no experience, and Glenn came here fully aware that he is not a guaranteed starter.

Where's the controversy.

All that has been establisehd is that Printers is not the guy, and that Porter, right now, is the future.

Don't forget Adam Tafralis. I'm hearing some very good things about him.

He had a slow start of the 2008 season coming off an injury.

He had a terrific second half of the season, now leading into this one.

The Glenn acquisistion just might turn out to be a steal.

This is the mentality that has destroyed every QB since Danny Mac. Either Porter or Glen should have the job to lose going into camp and be given at least 5 regular season games of to ineptitude before any consideration to a switch is made. I haven't seen a QB be given a fair shake in Hamilton in decades. If we want a winner we need to stop the QB parade. The future is now, if Porter cannot play we need to find out now not 3 seasons from now should Glen be given the job. If Glen starts we might as well admit Porter has no future. Thats fine with me, but lets not drag this out another 10 years

Even in that "slow" first half he was still throwing for more yards and TD's than any Cat QB.

Disagree. Maas and Printers have been given more than a fair shake.

Our number one problem has been defence, and most recently an inept pass rush, and pass protection. We`ve been at the bottom of the league in both categories.

As far as the QB situation goes, weve had two strokes of bad luck with Maas and Printers. Its had nothing to do with who is being named number one, and when.

Maas was to be sure. The fact is though that nobody behind him was and when he failed for 2 plus seasons nobody including Printers was given a fair shake

Our number one problem has been QB for a very long time. The Oline woes, the reciever woes and the RB woes are all just an extention of that. We had a decent defense and threw it away trying to fix the offense IMO

I have to agree with that. I don't think either QB was ever guaranteed to be named the starter, and whoever impresses the coaching staff the most after the two preseason games starts on July 1st. And then we take it from there.

But hopefully whoever starts on July 1st will hopefully do well, so that we won't see many posts here saying that the other QB should start. This year's QB debates will hopefully be ended by one of these two QBs doing well. But I do think Porter vs. Glenn debates/arguments might be inevitable, as QBs tend to be only one bad performance away from fans wanting another QB to start.

There's nothing wrong with inciting a little competitive spirit at the qb spot, especially at this juncture, to bring out the best at the position. I'll be honest, Kevin has impressed and surprised me thus far. From what I've seen, Glenn has been better with his mid-range throws, his reads and timing in general. Porter just seems to be a little less consistent and accurate with his short to mid-range throws (especially crossing patterns), but he definitely has a better arm and good mobility. The mechanincs are all there - his head just needs to catch up with his physical prowess. They both need gametime to shake off the remaining rust and work out the rest of the kinks. At the end of preseason, may the most qualified performer win the starting job. :thup:

I can do without the personal insults.

Yes Glenn threw for lots of yards, and far more than any Cat QB last year...he also played more than any Cat QB last season, and had a far superior receiving corps to throw to. But he also threw a slew of interceptions. The season before, he was much better and was the Eastern nominee for MOP. That is to what I was referring. I don't think my point was "empty." And while I agree that "any logical minded football fan would never think that many passing yarfs (4000) is a bad season", please note that I never said that 2008 was a bad season for Glenn........just that his 2007 season was superior. Nothing more and nothing less. If you want to attack me as saying I don't understand and/or that I just regurgitate what the media says, please at least try to understand what it is that I'm saying before so doing.

Even if we disagree, there's no need to resort to insults.

Interesting observation.

Isn't this the sort of thing the coaching staff expected, and the reasoning behind getting Glenn and establishing his role as it is right now?

Please show me where I specifically insulted you.. I didn't call you any kind of name or anything. All I did was call you out on your football logic. If you're insulted by that there is nothing I can do for you.

One major part of being an adult is both understanding why and admitting when you're wrong. If you cannot emotionally deal with being told you're wrong then that is your issue sir. Not mine.

Some fans on here seem to have no real football vision. All you see is something you don't understand and then you just regurgitate what the media says.

There you go Zen Its pretty clear that that is an insult. Try and play nicely and act like an adult, please.

What then was wrong with my logic? I said that Glenn was better in 2007 than he was in 2008. I suggest that the numbers back me up.

If you disagree, fine. But my logic isn't faulty because I backed it up, and I certainly don't think my post was "empty."