He is on the Ticat neg list. Any chance of him coming to Canada to play? Is the NFL dream over for him?

First of all a link would be neat.Second of all I think he'll wind up in a QB'less place like Buffalo before the CFL.Definitely a decent player with a strong arm though.

Horrible horrible qb, is extremely lazy and is not accurate. I Dont want him, why sign him if he’s released just because he was a high draft pick? He’s a bust in the nfl and he’ll a bust here as well, he’ll just come up and be a waste of space like Akili Smith was.

I heard a discussion about him on ESPN Radio today, and it was said that he paid a kid to have 2 double Whoppers waiting for him at the end of practice every day. His teammates said that his physique was that of a linemen rather than a QB.

Why do so many people think every NFL deadbeat should be signed. Why not get Obie to give Ryan Leaf a call?

I agree, last thing we need is another NFL quarterback who doesn't understand the Canadian game.

I heard a phone interview with him today, it sounded like he didnt care and said he was going to go relax for a few weeks lol.

The guy doesnt care about football, he doesnt learn his playbook, can't read defences, he'd probably eat a double big mac on the sidelines if it was allowed, he falls asleep during meetings and who knows what he does in his spare time, but one thing for sure is it isnt lifting weights.

It's pretty sad that Obie would consider this guy and would actually sign him.

there's nothing wrong with signing an NFL qb if he has an outstanding work ethic and high football iq.

Jamarcus Russell is a slob. There are way better QBs out there, who want the opportunity and love football. Russell might come to the CFL, but would not embrace being a CFL QB. IMO, successful CFL QBs are the ones who embrace the game, the league and the fans. Of course they must have talent, but talent alone gets you nowhere as a professional. Drive and passion are what separate talent and stardom.

There are a quite a few guys like Russell who end up trying to rely on talent alone at the NFL level and fizzle off fast to disappoint from that first or second round draft pick and the wasted money to go with it, but there has been no greater draft bust since Ryan Leaf and take your pick which is bigger.

Russell sure does not seem too bright either, but somehow he made it through all the screening and hey, we are talking about the Raiders after all who foolishly gave him more chances than I think would have any other organisation. The ego, nostalgia, and perhaps even senility of Al Davis seem to trump all sense over there. :roll:

All over the US at various levels of college ball but mostly at Div IA/FBS or in powerhouse high school football states like TX CA PA OH and FL, for every Russell who squeaks through to the NFL there are probably 100 "Idas," as Deion Sanders called them in his autobiography a decade ago.

These are guys, often from impoverished backgrounds in rough, urban areas, who have tremendous athletic talent of some sort yet little or no work ethic to develop it that shows up as early as in high school. Many of them play the blame game, but most of us know better in hearing so many inspiring stories of other athletes overcoming personal obstacles just as large to make it to the NFL and be feature or even star players.

By the time these dudes are out of high school or dropped out of college, they are into some sort of trouble with the law usually, and you end up hearing from some of these dudes here and there years later on some playground or field or event such that when the subject of some sport comes up, they always start with some tall tale of how fast or strong or whatever they were and the line "I'd a been (blah blah blah) ..." hence the name Deion Sanders gave all those dudes in his neighbourhood where he grew up in Florida.

Russell would have been about as good an Ida after college with his work ethic and apparent coddling at LSU in retrospect as is common in college towns also with drug use tolerance by some athletes, as he was an NFL quarterback I think.

Like almost all NFL players and Division I college players, he had so many advantages and help that many without as much talent and far more work ethic do not have to little avail. :thdn:

Good riddance to that soon-to-be Ida I say for the good of that division in the NFL as well. :thup:

$35 million reasons to not come to Canada....he does not need the money!!!


QB Russell on Ticat neg list...interesting
Maver going to Falcon Mini camp....does that delay the availability of Dales?

Can't believe we beat the Blue Team in neg-listing him. Maybe they'll trade big to get his rights.

I hope you're talking about the Argo's because the Bomber's have been down this street already. There is no way i would want Russell on the Bomber's and as much as i dislike the Cats and Argo's, i sure hope both Ontario teams pass on Russell if by chance he becomes available as he would be nothing but a cancer for that team and the CFL as a league. You think Printers had an attitude, you think Printers was cocky, Printers was labelled a cancer before and to be honest Casey is an angel compared to Jamarcus, there is no place in the CFL for such a lazy, cocky, overpaid jerk like Russell, and before someone says i would have a different take if the Bomber's had him on our neg list, not on your life,if mack and LaPo even brought the guy to camp i would be selling my season tix so fast, reason being our league and our QB'S are supposed to be role models, for my children and your children and children from all over Canada, Russell is on the other end of the role model scale, i said the same thing when The Bomber's considered adding Vick to our Neg List, kinda figured it would never happen but just the thought made me sick!!

When a Ticat fan says blue team is always means the one in Toronto. Many of us simply refuse to say or even type the name of that team. If a Ticat fan ever refers to the Bombers that way they would say the other blue team. Most like me though just call them the Bombers.

We hate the Bombers also but not near as much as the blue team. :slight_smile:

Bishop is a much better option... at least Bishop stays in shape

Leaf was sentenced to 10 years of probation after pleading guilty to eight felony drug charges in Amarillo, Texas.
He can't leave the state of Texas cause of his Probation. lol


I'll post this in the interest of the CFL on the whole, as it appears some CFL fans don't get it on Russell.

You don't have to have lived in Vegas three years or be a poker player (recreational only) like me to understand that at any figurative poker table, if you don't know who the sucker is it is YOU.

Such proven philosophy applies to the CFL or NFL team foolish enough to entertain this idea, and hopefully all this rhetoric about him up in Canada is just your media hype.

Time for a serious reality check apparently! Here are two fine and substantially accurate articles here that ought be mandatory reading for EVERY CFL fan who entertains these delusions about this "Ida" as I wrote below to explain the type of personality Russell is at the core. He just happened to squeak through a serious crack (double pun intended! :stuck_out_tongue: ) in Oakland in Al Davis.

[url=http://www.buffalonews.com/2010/05/06/1042817/commentary-russell-should-teach.html]http://www.buffalonews.com/2010/05/06/1 ... teach.html[/url] [url=http://www.ibabuzz.com/oaklandraiders/2010/05/06/russell-never-had-a-chance/]http://www.ibabuzz.com/oaklandraiders/2 ... -a-chance/[/url]

(note that one claim by this homer author that Russell did not have access to the best help off the field is simply not true for ANY NFL player. Through also the NFL and the NFL players union, they have access to the best professionals for help available)

I Rather sign Russell then Pacman jones even the bombers past on Pacman

But he'll be wearing Bengal Stripes this year

Russell has Cannon arm and if he worked hard he could be a Good QB
But I do Question if really wants to play football or dose he want money for no effort.

Russell has Cannon arm and if he worked hard he could be a Good QB
Ah the "strong-arm" makes a great quarterback argument lives? Wait, are you taking the same prescription as Al Davis? :roll:

See the evidence presented below twice, as it appears you might have missed it or overlooked it.