QB injury trouble?

[url=http://alsinsideout.com/the-snap/mcpherson-cautiously-optimistic-despite-injury/]http://alsinsideout.com/the-snap/mcpher ... te-injury/[/url]

In addition to the undisclosed injury to Leak against Toronto, Herb Z. is now reporting that McPherson may have an MCL tear that could sideline him for up to six weeks if he undergoes arthroscopic surgery.

In light of these injuries, I wonder if the org has been in contact with Ricky Santos. Santos would have a leg up on any other QB in that he's already familiar with Trestman's base system, which is pretty intricate and can't be picked up by any old signing overnight.

Calvillo va être correct. Lui, il va avoir la vraie ligne offensive en avant. Ça fait toute une différence.