QB injuries

Quite the Saturday of CFL. 9+ hours plus Friday.
3 QB injuries. What do you think are the consequences?

My Take:
Ottawa: No doubt Tate will be in for several games. Tate has talent. Calgary gave him the job over Burris. Back thenTate played Ok but showed an emotional immaturity. Then they opened the job up after Burris was let go. Tate came within a hair of winning that competition over BLM. So he has talent.
But he still is emotionally immature. In Saturday’s game he was continually throwing up his hands in frustration, leaving the field after the last play with his arms upturned. The universal gesture of “ it’s not my fault?.
But I think he will win enough to keep Ottawa ahead of the East pack. But he will annoy. Fans and teammates alike.

BC: Will be OK with Jennings. I think they overtake Esks. I expect they win next week in Calgary.

Sask: If Glenn is out for any time he is the greatest loss imo. It’ll be interesting to see Bridge play. And Vernon Adams. Hopefully, for Sask fans, Glenn makes it back soon. They really need the next game against Hamilton. If they get that…playoff bound. Personally I’d love to see Adams play. But this team is built to get the ball downfield to the receivers. Without Glenn then that is probably best served by Bridge right now.

As a footnote: nobody is going to trade for Collaros. Unless of course he says "yup...cut my salary in half"

Riders are gonna be in tough next week with the Hamilton Hellcats.

Particularly if Glenn is MIA. Right now the team has put a cone of silence on Glenn's injury - mostly to force Hamilton to prepare for Glenn while Bridge or Adams prepare a surprise package for the Hellcats.

Hellcats are starting to rise from the dead. They were in a veritable coma for the better part of 8 games. Now they're rising - and surging. Porky Jones and his charges could have their hands full withProby Masoli, GI Jones and the Hellcats

I still think Hamilton is a messy team. I think they look better because they are playing against other messy East teams.