QB Index: Winning pivots rising up

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation.

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It is difficult to accept that a leg injury is the only thing wrong with Bo Levi Mitchell and the Stampeder performances. I think the O Line needs to be stronger, to give Mitchell more time to throw, the receivers need to run better patterns to give Bo more options, but there is something else bothering Bo. He just doesn't seem to have the accuracy, the consentration, the view of the field, as in the past. 1 thing I noticed is his lack of participation in trainig camp and practises. Maybe causing the receivers and Bo on different pages? Maybe the play calling is unfamiliar or not a fit to the Stamps & Mitchell's playing style? Hoping O'Connor & the team can get better results.

Even though Reilly had an excellent game, Fajardo has had two. In my opinion the positions should be flipped.

of the qbs that have played in 2 games, Reilly has the 2nd highest Efficiency rating, the best completion %, and the second most yards, even tho he played less that half a game in first game. Number 1 to me

That may be true but, if I play one series, attempt one pass and it's completed, then I am 100% in completions. See where I'm going. Fajardo has a longer time frame of measurement which can work against you. Mike is good, great for that matter, but for now, after week 2, I have Fajardo #1.

I don't put any stock in these judgment stats.

A touchdown pass is a touchdown pass.
An interception is an interception.
Passing yards are passing yards.
Completion rate is completion rate.

QB efficiency is something someone made up and the weighted value of each stat in the formula is purely subjective. Furthermore it was created in an era where the QB was expected to perform differently. This stat holds no water with me.

well, Reilly named cfl top performer for the week. Cody named number 3. For whatever that is worth.

If you throw all the stats away, what then is the basis for deciding who is number 1?

Reilly, of course, the TSN Reilly sycophants strike again. He's the least deserving of the top 5 or 6 listed but off course he gets the nod because he is the idol of the TSN clown posse. With their other hero Bo Levi out Reilly will be handed this thing every week whether he plays or not.

I know what you're saying, but isn't this fun. Similar to the Power Rankings, it's great discussion stuff.

I agree with your point. Same thing happened last season with Arbuckle. Despite a smaller body of work than other QBs (7 starts), he retained a high ranking throughout much of the year.
Imho, #1 is a toss-up between Collaros and Fajardo, with Reilly at #3.

Are 10 TDs equal to 10 passing yards? Hence weighting of the many QB stats.
They seem to put a heavy plus on Tds thrown vs INT's & wins

That's my question. How do you decide that weight? Who decides it? It's arbitrary. Some guy came up with a formula and it's purely his opinion, nothing else.

I don't think it was 1 guy (unlike a EZ Defence Ranking) coming up with a random formula. Bottom line is what are the most important QB stats? Seems to be yards thrown is big, TDs vs Ints, % completed, then wins.

This is a QB power ranking - - not a passing yardage ranking or a touchdown ranking.

Mike Reilly is a proven champion. Cody Fajaja has never won a big game in his life.

In a playoff game with the season on the line, you’d take Reilly as your QB over Fajaja 1,000 times out of 1,000.