QB Index: Vavra sees great opportunity for Rourke

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL, voted on by CFL.ca staff. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation.

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How does Dane Evans, the turnover machine to this point, move up 3 spots in the rankings. Better than Rourke based on his body of work to date? Don't get that. His turnovers had a lot to do with that loss to Calgary. Has his part in the 0-2 start.

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Me neither. If Rourke's stellar first week's performance was no fluke then Toronto will find out the hard way... 26 out of 29 (87%) 4TD passes?!! AND 78 yds rushing with an additional 2TD's on the ground!!!

And that was just his FIRST game this season. Imagine what he'll do once he shakes the rust off. :grimacing:

Preach! Nathan's positioning on this ranking is confounding and I assume is only due to the young nature of his career. However, if we forget anything before this season, he certainly looks like the best pivot out there. I was lucky enough to take in his first game at BC Place and his calm and confidence in the pocket was mesmerizing.