QB Index: There can be only one

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL, voted on by CFL.ca staff. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation. 

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I'd have it read:

  1. Zack Collaros (This hot potato was run out of town by the Argos in 2013, the TigerCats in 2017, the Riders in 2019, and once again the Argos later in 2019).

  2. Nathan Rourke (always been with the Lions)

  3. Bo Levi Mitchell (always been with the Stamps)

  4. to 9) The rest of them.

I would only ask, is there any other CFL quarter-back that a Lion's fan would want in exchange for Rourke? Probably not. Could the same question be asked of a Bomber's fan regarding their quarter-back, and if so, would the answer be any different? Probably not.

All bets are in and let's see where the wheel stops.

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During next year's free agency period I expect all those GM's who are less than enchanted with their starting gunslingers to play musical Quarterback. Up for grabs MIGHT be Vernon Adams, Cody Fajardo, Dane Evans, Nick Arbuckle, MacBeth, Caleb Evans, Taylor Cornelius... and whoever else heads into free agency at the end of a one year contract. A few of these guys might yet become world beaters in a different system. Sometimes that's all it takes.

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Is this an up to date index. It says Aug 3.

What is Mitchell's high ranking based on. Certainly not this year so far.

Mitchell has shown little this year - but so have so many other starting QBs.
I STILL think Dane Evans will be a star like he was in 2019 and 2021 East Final.
Rourke is the Real Deal.
MacBeth is Barely a Backup - he is a 35 year old journeyman that has been cut by 50 teams - wonder why ?
On the list of Definitely get rid of: Caleb Evans, Taylor Cornelius.
And yes - I forgot - Zach is MOP for 2nd year - he has grown into an Unbelievable Champion.

BMT - 50? Not even 15. Again, only matters what he is doing this year.
Better than Mitchell
Second in completion %
Third in effic
Fourth in yards and number 2 and 3 have played 2 more games.

OTOH, Mitchell is
sixth in effic behind also Fajardo and Harris
seventh in yards behind also Fajardo, Harris, and D.Evens
Tenth in pass %, behind everyone who has played more than 4 games.

QB index is about what are they doing THIS year.
Doesnt matter how many championships they have won, or not won before.
Doesnt matter on how many yrs they have played or have left
Doesnt matter if they have sucked every year before.
Only this year matters.

Then I stand behind what I said.
The Argos have only won because of luck and the sad defense.
Certainly - not because of MacBeth - who will ALWAYS throw an INT or Wild Pass or fumble
any chance he gets - he is a LOSER>
And - YES - Stats LIE - they always have.