QB Index: The landscape changes again

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation.

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Hodges has no right to be anywhere on this list. Ahead of Harris? Ahead of Nichols? My ass!

Collaros # 1, check. Fajardo # 2, check. Reilly # 3, NOT A CHANCE!!!

Performance-wise I'd rank Shiltz or Mazoli above Reilly right now. Who's the best QB among the three? Probably Reilly. Plug him into Winnipeg's offense and he'd be near the top of the QB rankings every week. He's getting killed behind BC's turnstyle O-line and it's getting harder and harder to watch. Bo had an off-day against a much improved Saskatchewan secondary so all the pundits are giving him a pass. At least he's on a team that gives him a chance to succeed. Reilly needs a new GM with a clue in his head as to what it takes to build a successful offense. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have to laugh at this posting! HA! HA! HA!
No offence to Micheal Reilly but the Lions in last 4 games have lost them all. Last game didn't even post a point (ok it was against the dominant Bombers) but still sitting at #3 ? He threw for avg (4 last games) for 180.5 Yards with a 58% Completion (Avr 4 games ) with a bye in between and 3 interception in last 2 games (2 interceptions against Calgary) Yet he remains#3 ? Get serious with all these biased postings. BC is pretty much out of any play off spot now! (Baring some miracle)
And look at Farjardo he jumps up 2 notches after a squeeker win over Stamps who fall 2 notches. Sure Mitchell had a bad night but was a hair away from at least tying Riders. Who only capitalized on 1 interception with a single TD. And that was simply because the Rider's Clark returned the Int to the Calgary 7. Not because Fajardo moved that far down to get the TD. And Fajardo's interception resulted in Calgary FG after Mitchell moving 89 yards in 4 plays. So in reality Fajardo and Mitchell really only earned 1 TD each.
Anyway great that Everyone is against Calgary every season. Just fuels their determination to stick it to the non-believers.

I think Bo's still got some gas left in the tank (we probably won't be using that analogy a decade from now) but you have to admit he's had a season he'd rather forget. A broken leg, a 'dinged wing' (that should be menu item) and a new young backup who could step in at any time and take his job. If he doesn't get healthy by the start of next year's training camp... Jake Maier becomes your new starting QB. Hufnagel's too smart to let one key player hamstring his team for an entire season. :thinking:

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Amazing how much Arbuckle's stock has dropped in just a couple of years. This might help him though, there's no pressure playing for the lowly Elk, playoffs will only be on tv.

Argos made a Total BOZO move. Arbuckle was the future - wrong guy traded.
With only Macbeth - missing the playoffs is now a possibility - he can not win.
Stupid stupid Argos.

Ah another shifting pandemic landscape I guess - I'll wait until next season before we get to crowning anybody for a career based on their performances in this season.

The Argos are going to sign Chad Kelly to be the "future"

Exactly what I've known all along. No clue whatsoever!!


For the most part the QB's in the CFL have been a disappointment. In my opinion the lower level of quality play in the CFL has been partially due to average quarter backing. Obviously it's not "all" on them. But when I look at the NFL what makes the play on Sundays so interesting is the QB play. There are so many high quality QB'S making amazing plays. Prescott, Hebert, Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes many others.
Riley, Mitchell, Fajardo, Harris have been inconsistent...that has been the most consistent part of the QB's this year...consistantly inconsistent.

Masoli should replace the aging Mike Reilly for the number 3 spot. :hash: :three: :black_circle: :large_orange_diamond: