QB Index: Staying calm in the storm

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL, voted on by CFL.ca staff. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation. 

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Hmmm? I thought that Taylor Cornelius had a decent game last week and led his team to victory. Yet he drops two spots in the rankings. Maybe next game he will throw 3 interceptions and lose so that he can move up in the rankings.

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If Adams wins this weekend I can see him shooting up this chart pretty quickly. Maybe this Lions receiving core is all he needs to fulfill the promise he's always shown.

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Macbeth at 2 is ridiculous. Corny should be higher.

It's all in who you're lucky enough to learn from when you sign on the dotted line. If Adams had signed with the Stampeders, Quarterback Coach extraordinaire John Hufnagel would've straightened him out long ago. Trevor Harris and Zack Collaros were fortunate to start out on the same team behind mentor and Hall of Famer Ricky Ray... a guy who had so much touch on this throws you'd think that the football he was throwing was remote controlled.


I was annoyed at Montreal earlier this year for giving up on him so incredibly quickly. I'm thinking that might very well turn out to be a great thing for the Lions. Hard to live up to the performance of Rouke, big shoes to fill, but if he wins us some games he'll be my hero (or at least a guy I'd owe a beer to).

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It was a foregone conclusion, the second Maciocia brought Anthony Calvillo into the fold, this offseason. There's a weird dynamic in this city when it comes to AC. His first time around, he was promoted from receivers coach to quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator in the span of two weeks. And this in his first few months as a coach, ever. Despite the fact that Calvillo himself blames the lack of talent on the field for his disastrous showing as a coach (great leadership, blaming the players), it s pretty clear Calvillo's first stint on the sidelines was as ill advised as it was confusing.

This time around, it's clear that to succeed at all as a coach, AC needs to draw on his experience as a player. As such, he has little if any insights into designing an offense for a quarterback like Vernon Adams.

Khari Jones had to go. Obviously. And it had nothing to do with discipline problems.

OK. So Trevor Harris has half the quarterbacking talent of a fully "activated" Vernon Adams. What counts is that Harris is exactly the kind of pocket passer AC can sink his teeth into as a playcaller. And so Trevor Harris is what we get. And Vernon Adams is finding his game on another team.

There was always going to have to be a a playcalling/designing revolution around VA, for his ascension to be complete. I hope he finds that kind of commitment to his game in BC. Don't get me wrong, his first game with BC had plenty of kinks to it. But his major flaw - not taking the short game when it's there - throwing bombs every 2 downs, into double coverage...VA made great strides.

Here in Montreal, I hate seeing the same plodding, pocket passing garbage take root once again. And for the same reason: Calvillo and his limitations.

But Harris is no Calvillo. And our offensive line isn't the dominant force it was in AC and Ben Cahoon's day. And basically, Calvillo's success had as much to do with Marc Trestman's magic playbook as anything else.

So...with no Calvillo the QB, a lesser OLine and certainly no Trestman calling the plays...exactly how far can this offensive team be expected to go? This was not the path to success. Very disappointing.

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Not so sure about Hufnagel coaching VA successfully. VA would probably benefit from such a coach helping him work on his "pocket passing" game. But I can see Huf trying to turn Adams into a pocket passer and that's simply not his game. I could see someone like LaPolice designing an entire [playbook around VA's unique talents. Not sure Hufnagel has the right "skillset" as a coach to get that job done.

This of course leads me to the question of how Jordan Maksymic & VA will do together. Hope they achieve better chemistry than what you just described. Off to a decent start anyway.

Hate to throw gasoline on the fire, Timey, but there are some credible rumours (is there such a thing), that Jason Maas could be heading East to join Danny as the next HC (& likely OC) next year. They have a history, as does Maas & Trevor Harris so I'm not discounting it. IMO he's very likely not back in Regina next year, especially if the Riders don't make the playoffs. Crossover looks a bit iffy right now. :sunglasses:

Maas should be gone from riders at end of year without doubt. should have been sooner lol

I would choose everyone except Cornelius ahead of MacBeth - he is horrific.

personally i think corny is better than macbeth lol

Yeah, I can't figure out how you win, have better stat's in four or five important areas than 5 other guys on that list - put up over 200 yards rushing, 400 yards offence and move down the list...

the CFL.ca QB rankings and team rankings are pretty much always debatable at best, but usually moronic. the logic and reasoning is absurd.

3down nation owns it when it comes to decent analysis and content.

Cornelius is getting better. When you judge a guy like him you have to keep in mind he has started 17 games & in those games he was the "veteran" QB in the room. Harris was around briefly last year & Arbuckle, who has a few more starts than him, briefly this year. But no one with more experience than him was there when he was handed the ball. He wasn't even on the roster until he got his 1st start.

QB's need time to develop behind veterans. Reilly, Mitchell, Harris, Collaros, Adams, Rourke, Maier, Evans, Masoli, even McBeth, all have had the advantage of having a veteran or 2 present to talk to. The 1st 4 on the list have been elite QB's in the CFL & spent at least 2 years behind veterans. Cornelius is learning it on the fly. He AND Ford may have the biggest arms in the league & may be the fastest QB's in the league. We all know about Ford's speed but check out Taylor's NFL Combine results. He had a 4.72 40 yd time & 38 vertical. Small wonder Jones wants a big guy like that around. Time will tell.

Yeah, totally agree with you. :sunglasses:

ahhhh nothing like the first mansplaining of the morning to go with my coffee.