QB Index: Last stretch of the season takes shape

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation.

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I find it rather ironic that both Ottawa Redblacks pivots-Matt Nichols & Dominique Davis have been forgotten and not even mentioned by the media. Caleb Evans continues to struggle, yet he is still starting. :thinking: :question:

P.S. Perhaps they should make a deal for a quarterback, prior to the Oct. 27th/2021 trade Deadline. :exclamation:

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After BC gets clobbered by Winnipeg I think Reilly sinks below Fajardo in the rankings. Fajardo won't have to do anything special... just play like he did last year. Reilly is out of time in BC. That line can't keep him upright long enough to find a healthy reciever. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have to agree Mike Reilly today is not the QB he use to be in Edmonton but the sports writers will not give it up building him up. The guy was no doubt a warrior in Edmonton but the physical pounding he has taken over the years due to his style of play has really cut his time short. He either adapts and changes his style or basically he is done. Too slow to make reads and hangs onto the ball way to long.

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Sask made mistake cutting loose last year's OC Steve McAdoo. I love Fajardo, but predicted that Maas was a huge mistake . I think Sask under Fajardo wins in spite of Maas, infact my Grey Cup prediction is Sask vs Argos. Maas is only baggage

If BC gets clobbered by a 1st place club & SK by a 3rd place club, how do you rate Fajardo above Reilly? Little tidbit - Fajardo has 5 TD drives over 6 of last 7 games. He's regressed - even the Regina media guys say it

Sounds like a physics problem. Why can't Fajardo play UP to his potential this year? What's keeping him DOWN?

Hint: it's not an over abundance of 'gravity' or 'friction'.

Answer: He has too much 'Maas'. :upside_down_face:

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I am happy with how Cody has played. Ever heard the expression, a person is educated beyond their own intelligence, well that's Maas and his offensive plan

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I call pants on fire to everything you just stated