QB Index: It's all about poise

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL, voted on by CFL.ca staff. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation. 

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CFL.ca staff are clueless. Still ranking Bo third is idiotic.

To defend bo while he has been mid the other qb have either been to inconsistent (Macbeth, Harris, evans and more) or hurt (Cody, masoli and others) if it wasn’t for that bo would be ranked at way way lower. Since while he has been consistent he has been consistently mediocre to average.

how has Macleod and Harris been any more inconsistent than Bo? Their stats in effic, %, and yards are better.

Looking at it Macbeth has been better than bo to start the year but not by that much but Harris on a game to game basis has been super inconsistent for the team despite dealing with arguably the best receiving core in the game. But I do agree that Macbeth is better than bo to start the year statistically and knowing his receivers are worse.

MacBeth is pathetically bad - always an overthrow, underthrow, INT, fumble or a sack - always - on almost every drive.
The Argos have won 4 games - not due to MacBeth - but due to the defense, special teams and luck.
Don't know why Argos management has not realized this yet - wait - yes I do - they are equally inept.

that is just not the way it is.

I want agree with you, but the QBs all suck, so I’m not sure who I’d put ahead of him.

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Very true. Aside from the clear top 2 there has been a lot of mediocrity and inconsistency.

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