QB Index: How can Khari Jones impact the Ticats?

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Great move for the Ticats. Steinauer is wearing multiple hats this season, so this will help with his workload for sure, as well as bring much- needed positivity to the team.

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The positivity might have to go on hold until after this weeks match in BC. Things could get ugly for Hamilton against those well rested Lions.

But on the 28th Khari's old team parachutes into Tim Horton's for a game that'll have 'REVENGE' written all over it. I'm definitely marking that one on my calendar. :smiley: :+1:

Will there be a post-game Khari/Maciocia full handshake? Or just an exchange of middle fingers? :grinning:


I believe that Jones could be a real positive for The Cats - Evans needs a mentor and Khari fits that bill perfectly. I am hoping now with this latest win, the monkey is off their back and Hamilton will surprise BC big time. Here's hoping for a strong finish to the remaining 13 games - much can happen & keep the faith Tiger fans our season is just beginning!

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As long as it's not an exchange of bodily fluids on live TV otherwise we'll see that "Viewer discretion is advised" warning every time this game is replayed.

Khari Jones impacts the Ticats by allowing them to circumvent the maximum number of coaches allowed by giving him a a made- up title in football operations. Orlondo Steinauer did not even try to hide Jones' value to the team as the benefits he stated to the hiring were all coaching related.

If the Argos did this, everybody here would cry foul.

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We did that last year remember? :laughing:

Montreal's loss is Hamilton's gain. Disappointing for an Als fan to see them decline.

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About that Als decline you're talking about... is it a decline in 'talent'? If so then that's the GM's fault. Fingers ought to point in Maciocia's direction.

TOR did do it last year with Chris Jones, he was actually on the field with a headset running the defense.
Obviously the precedent has been set


He was thinner last year. Edmonton's doughnuts must be better than Toronto's.

Yes it has been set. More coaching makes teams play better.
...and who can complain about better football.

This has been going on for a while in Canadian football, where a coach takes on too much and wears so many hats the team suffers.

Yup.......The Double chocolate Brownie ones help you bulk up real quick....

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Chris Jones was hired after 2 Toronto coaches had left. There was no secret that the Argos planned to use him as a coach.

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Dave Naylor says other teams will be paying attention to what Khari Jones is doing because the Ti-Cats were at the maximum number of coaches before hiring Jones and cannot add more. So, Jones cannot perform coaching duties like running drills and instructing players etc..

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True, and I recall Ticat fans complaining loudly at the time.

I don’t think there should be a coaching cap as I’ve said before, but it is stupid to have a rule that is not enforced.


I was probably one of the louder ones!
I have also complained loudly about A Middle Linebacker that is gainfully employed by a certain Bomber Chairperson's Investment Company!

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Last season, there were some Ti-Cat fans who accused the Argos of circumventing the limit by using a player (Bear Woods) as a coach. Did any of those people raise similar concerns about the Khari Jones hiring? Doubt it.

Interesting take from our old buddy Josh Smith over at 3DN...

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Coaching makes the game better, more coaching , better play, better games, more viewers, change some young guys minds about Canadian football....

That and maybe next year (or some point this year) Orlando can hand over the reigns and focus on doing one job.....