QB Index: Hamilton's two-headed QB monster?

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I like the idea of a 2 QB system as long as both QBs buy into it. You basically get 2 starters, so the opposing team has to scheme for both, doubling their workload.

I'd like to see more plays with two QBs on the field during a play


Am I the only one that thinks orourke should have been ranked second for a while now. Been more accurate, averages more yards per throws, and getting more td passes while not having the benefit of better running backs and receivers for most of it. Good that he is finally second but it is long overdue.

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Not a fan. It'll work for a while until it doesn't. Look no further than last year's Ti-Cats where there's little doubt it split the locker room and fan base. The up and comer always wants more the second year proving the model unsustainable over the long run. Sure, Evans (and Masoli) say all the right things, but you know it gnaws at them as a progfessional competitive athlete.

The problem with the 2 QB system with each QB having a different set of plays is telegraphing to the defense the type of play coming. Very elementary. Too transparent.