QB Index: Fan vote reignites Collaros-Rourke debate

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Collaros has played the whole season, his team is 14-2, where's the "debate".

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Rourke was having a great season, Collaros better. No debate here, s/b end of discussion

Rourke should be MOP but for his injury. Collaros should be top QB because he's played the whole season. But Rourke changed CFL history and would have surpassed Collaros' numbers if he had the Bombers' O-line to protect him like they do Peg's QB.

That Injury destroyed all chance for Rourke to win MOP. MOC is a different conversation.

There Really is no Debate here you take Rourke here who at the start of the season played against lower caliber teams and for most of the time on an Inside stadium whereas Collaros wasn't and has Rourke "Swept" any series against any team where Collaros has done 4* teams (*only played Toronto once) and some of those were West divisional teams. Now I will agree that Rourke (If he stays in the CFL) will be real exciting to watch but for me There is no question or even a Debate here take Collaros's body of work since Joining the Bombers and again still no doubt its Collaros all the way hands down!

If you only take only the sample size of the season Nathan did play, he played extremely well, butt and like mine it's a big one :roll_eyes:. No one could predict how the remainder of his season would have played out. Perhaps he would have continued status quo, or after enough film on him other teams would have figured them (BC) out? Winnipeg did 16 of 25, 278 yd 3 & 2 Hamilton did 22 - 30, 250 yd 2 & 2 and keep in mind he played Edm, bye, Tor, ott, Wpg, bye, Ham, Sask, Edm. Not really a full test for the feats of strength.

Another way to look at things, Nathan is injured 45 - 50% of the time.

I do recall once a QB only tossed 1 pass for one TD, that all he did all year, but 100% pass to TD ratio, right? Not a big enough sample size.


"Die hard Lions fans and freshly-created Rourke fans will have no problem standing behind Rourke’s exceptional half-season of play and giving him their votes"

The way I see it, if the BC fans can't find the stadium on game day, they sure won't find the site to vote on.