QB Index: Change afoot heading into Week 11

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation.

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Two veterans, Nichols & Harris dropping out of sight & out of mind. This QB index shows no mercy.:smiling_imp:

Pretty sure the qb index only has announced, or projected starters on its list. No back ups or previous starters stay on the list past 1 week

Actually no, look at the Sept14 QB index for example you'll see 10 QBs ranked( both Fajardo & Harker for Sask.) . The only criteria I can see is the one they always start the article with. I have no idea how this list is determined though.

OK I get it! Sure Collarios definitely #1. I can even see Reilly as #2. But Fajardo was out played 2 weeks in a row by Mitchell and he stays as #3 ?? Mitchell stays as #4 ??
Fajardo Week 9 - 56.8% 0 TD 1 Int Week 10 64.5% 1 TD 0 int
Mitchell Week 9 - 64% 2 TD 1 Int Week 10 71.4% 1 TD 2 int
And if it is based upon # yards received over the season, lets not forget that Mitchell was out of action for a period of about 3 weeks where as Fajardo was playing every week. Given how both QBs faced each other past Yards isn't a good factor to rank since each faced different opponents . Performance during those two identical matchups is more realistic.
The love affair by Author for undeserving Fajardo is apparent. Shouldn't this be unbiased rankings of the QBs?

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Ya, but they don't keep putting Harker on the list, because he hasn't played beyond a week since playing. That's why Nichols, and Harris are no longer on the list. Either way, it's kinda a jumbled mess of inconsistencies lol

Either way, it's kinda a jumbled mess of inconsistencies lol

Yup, a quick check on previous weeks shows 9, 10, & even 11 QBs. I think they(CFL.ca writers I guess) just kind of wing it.

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It feels like it's based solely on favoritism. Hardly any numbers back up this list

I would have BLM in the number 3 spot. :thinking: