QB Index: Adversity can reveal all

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL, voted on by CFL.ca staff. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation.

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Now's the time to start. They have Edmonton, who still has a way to go to be a solid contender and mark my words, they will be. Evans has the tools and the ability to get it done and he will. Now's the time.

Did not know that MacBeth had been traded to and is playing for Montreal.
Oh - these Writers !!!!!


You KNOW they know stuff that we don't know...

'QB Index: Adversity can reveal all'

Thought this was going to be about MBT for some reason

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That's what they wanted you to think. These QB indexers are messing with our heads. Just yesterday they had Nyronyro thinking that MacBeth had been traded to Montreal. Tomorrow they'll have us believing that the Lions have changed their team name to 'Nathan Rourke' for ratings purposes.

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And if you check out Ferguson: Top of the charts, a look at Week 3 QBs you'll see Trevors pic beside Vernon's name. Proof reading is still a problem here.

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That would be 'proof' that proof reading is still a problem.

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