QB Index: A trio of plot twists in Week 15

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The Meir Adams match up will be interesting. Maybe I'm imagining things but to me, it looked like Adams was not 100% comfortable throwing the ball in that game against Montreal. Could he still be injured and BC got damaged goods? We'll see. Calgary on the other hand, has their new franchise QB and for the life of me, I don't know how they keep on doing it.

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Sorry for the misprint Maier and not Meir.

I would like to see Michael O'Connor under center for the Lions versus the Stamps in their Week 15 matchup. Vernon Adams will be under tremendous pressure all night long. :bangbang: Whether he can handle it is another "Lengthy Story" :question: The Stamps will be destined for a :hash: :two: place finish, if they defeat the Lions twice more in this 2022 season. :question: