QB Index: A new Maier in town

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL, voted on by CFL.ca staff. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation. 

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gee, I thought for sure they would still have Bo at number 4

It's so sweet that they tossed in Pipkin as an honourable mention.

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Next week there might only be 10 QB's in those Ranks. Mathew Shiltz will be erased until he's off the 6-Game IR. Suddenly Dane Evans just got more valuable. He was that close to being run out of town.

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I guess that proves you do not understand these rankings. They only include starters or potential starters. Or maybe you knew that but are so biased against Mitchell that your thoughts are clouded. Mitchell lives in your head does he? :slight_smile:

I was being sarcastic as I feel Bo has been over rated this year and it was a shot at those doing the rankings

I'm not going to suggest that Mitchell hasn't had his moments but always felt he was over rated and believe that Calgary missed out on another Grey Cup win or two because of him. Not to mention his arrogant attitude and wouldn't doubt that there are many players in that locker room that don't play for him. Maybe Calgary fans disagree but I'm a huge Jake Maier fan and believe the Stampeders will be much better off with him leading the team.
Its a long ways off can can already imagine a Stampeder / Blue Bombers Western Final and wouldn't that be fun. Go Bombers:)

You won't get any disapproval from this Stamps fan. I agree with every word you said. Bo has benefitted from the team around him. He is way overrated. He can't run and plays brutal in cold weather, which isn't ideal when you're playing in late fall in Canada. I've been screaming for Dickinson to play Maier all year and he has finally come to his senses. The Stamps will be much better off with Maier at the helm.

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I second this statement (also as a Stamps fan)...

How the mighty have fallen. I truly despised Bo Levis Mitchell during his almost 10 year career with Calgary. Why? Truth is, he's been the BEST and a thorn in the side to those who longed for an end to Calgary dominance in the West. Ok, I understand. Pro football is a ruthless business. Ruthless here is the operative word. As much as I disdained Bo, he was the undisputed BEST until just recently. Consider this, though. How would you feel if you suffered a demotion at whatever workplace environment your in? Worse yet, how would you feel if you learned of this demotion only hours before being demoted? Mitchell's benching was classless and furthermore it's disgusting how even those who rightfully sung his praises not that long ago, find themselves gawking in glee at his humiliation. Bo is done in Calgary for all intents and purposes. True, his skills may have eroded to a point where a QB change was imperative. Even so, his sacking, pun intended, was altogether disrespectful. Moving on, it's my hope that Bo finds himself installed as a color analyst on TSN. He is both well-spoken and outspoken and would be a vast improvement over Matt the Cowboy Dunnigan for example. The preceding view is expressed by an American who's been avidly following, and yes, hating Bo Levi Mitchell for years. Of course, I use the word "hate" in the most abstract of senses.

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We're thinking of having him stuffed.


This list is a Joke - right ?????

Fajardo (who I like and I think is a decent QB) is CERTAINLY not #2 - more like #5 or #6

MacBeth - who is TERRIBLE (I am an Argos fan) is either #7 or lower - very sad - you can't count on him for anything.

And Taylor Cornelius should be banned from the CFL and this list.

Ok, so there are Stampeder fans who believe Maier is the way to go, wasn't sure what the mood was like in Calgary regarding the QB situation. Although I believe Maier is going to make life a lot more difficult for my Blue Bombers, seeing young stars like Maier emerge is fantastic for the CFL and of course, all the Stampeder fans. Should make for a very interesting second half.

So do we see Bo in Sask or Tor next season? No way he goes out this way, he'll want one more kick at the can.