QB Index: A familiar face is back in the mix

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL, voted on by CFL.ca staff. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation. 

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EVERYONE not named Danny Maciocia is thinking that once Vernon Adams gets used to the weapons at his disposal he'll climb this QB Index faster than Bobo after a ripe banana. :grinning: :+1:

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I’m not sure why Arbuckle isn’t ranked ahead of both Cornelius and Adams.

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I'm guessing that if Arrrrrrbuckle keeps winning he'll start moving up in the rankings. I expect Vernon Adams to move up to the third spot just behind Jake Maier... who will be in second place for the rest of the season behind Collaros.

I also expect Danny Maciocia to blame Khari Jones for failing to inform him that Vernon Adams plays better when he's surrounded by better talent. :grin:

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I've agreed with you on other things, but respectfully I'm not a VA fan. Not a Danny fan either. Hope they get rid of him ASAP.
However, back to VA - he gets dinged up too easy, doesn't get his reads fast enough, throws the ball away. I don't like him.
He's seems to be a great guy and full of positive energy but the more I saw of him and Shiltz, the more I felt we need to move on from that experience and get Shiltz more reps. Shiltz showed the more reps he got the better he was doing.
VA on the other hand, the more reps - he was making the same mistakes. He should have grown.
I wish him nothing but the best, but glad we moved on.
Been a very disappointing season with what last year was looking toward. Just like Hamilton.
Thought sure they'd be better.
With the receivers BC has, you or I could look good out there Maaax.

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The only thing that could make ME look better would be a Ryan Renolds mask. :grin:

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Me too! Hahahaha

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Has anyone heard how long O'Connell will be out? He must not be expected to return this year if they are bringing in Vernon.

O’Connor is now seeing limited workouts. Haven’t heard anybody give a guess on a timeline for return.

Just checked... Micheal O'Connor is still on the active roster so he's good to go right now. It looks like BC management is just bringing some veteran help to keep their playoff hopes on the rails while their talented Canadian backup figures things out.

The 3 WORST QBs that have extended playing time this year -

  1. Caleb Evans - How did he POSSIBLY get so many starts ???? Horrific
  2. Cornelius - see #1 above
  3. MacBeth - completes every 10th pass if he is having a good day - what are the Argos thinking ??????? - They had Arbuckle !!!!!!!!

Sorry for the spelling error. O'Connor. Didn't realize spell check kept changing.

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you know squat

67.6 pass completion percentage = 1 in 10. yeah right

clearly you are talking out of your butt

Completing useless 2-3 yard passes to his safety outlets is what gives him this ridiculous % - look at his longer throws - USELESS !!!!!
We know who is talking out of there what.

Just cheer for your team. It’s pretty solid. There is room for improvement, but you could do worse then MBT as your QB (either of the Evans, Cornelius, Pipkin, possibly Fajardo or Adams depending on who you ask). Enjoy the season.

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My team IS the Argos - but I can't support this horrific bunch led by the ridiculous MacBeth.

Your call. I think they need more support then detraction but you know the Argos better then I would.

and yet he has the 2nd most yards
4th best effic of those who have thrown over 100 passes
3rd best td/int ratio

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Stat can an will lie - they are stats.
The result is what counts - and MacBeth will be the sinking of the Argos 2022. Plus - this is a league of 9 teams with revolving QBs - so being 4th or something out of 6/7 regulars means squat.

not saying he is the goat, just nowhere near as bad as you state unless you want to say that most of the rest are worse. As far as CFL goes this year he is more good than bad. As for results, at least they are #1 in east and above 500. Hardly sinking them