QB Index: A big week for Jeremiah Masoli & MBT

The QB Index is a weekly power ranking of quarterbacks across the CFL. The ranking reflects recent performance, historical value, statistical indicators, team success and overall on-field evaluation.

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Mike Reilly should not be in the 2 hole. Masoli should be in the 2 hole & BLM should be in the 3 hole.

Note: The Redblacks should provide Duck a one-way ticket back to the U.S.A ASAP. What a desperate and lousy signing. 36% completion Rate. :rofl:

I have trouble putting Collaros in #1 because he is there almost by default. He has the best O Line in the CFL and the best D Line giving him good field position. Only because all the other QB's have been so disappointing for most of the year is he #1.
I do not care where you place any of the other QB's, it is a toss up and I can live with Massoli in #2 because his team is winning, but BLM is the biggest QB disappointment of all the guys on that list. Given his salary and his performance he epitomizes the QB's in our league this year. He is making wayyyy to much money for the performance that he has displayed. He may be hurt, he may be toast, but he is still getting a big pay cheque. Overpaid!

Reilly in the #2 slot is beyond absurd. He is the QB for a team that has been outscored 202-90 in six consecutive losses.

It will be interesting to see BLM and Reily matched up against each other this week. The two top paid QB's in the league. BLM plays on the better team. But if I was in a big game and could pick one of these two, I would take Reily for a big one off game. I think he is the best QB in the league. Trouble is, he and BLM are getting so much money, surrounding them with good players is hardly affordable.
Collaros is certainly a good enough QB. But put him in front of most other teams O lines he would likely already be out with injury. He is fragile as glass.

I believe that the QB ratings are based on the current year and the most recent results. Therefore Collaros is the overwhelming #1 and there is nothing he can do to lose that spot this year. You may have an argument that in a vacuum or with the same offensive line there may be a better QB than Collaros. But I don’t think it can be questioned that he belongs at the top of these ratings. And I also think that even in a vacuum Collaros might be #1. BLM is an interception machine and appears to be done. MBT is a complete disaster and by far the worst starting QB on a playoff bound team. Reilly is beat up and beginning to show his age. He is also far less adept at evading the rush than Collaros (patented Savardian spinerama as Danny Gallivan would say) and holds on to the ball far too long. Reilly may have a stronger arm but he is not as accurate as Collaros.