QB in Sask if Joseph leaves?

if Joseph leaves, where does that leave you guys? Marcus Crandell is no Kerry Joseph. I think you guys should draft Sacobie out of Ottawa and maybe see if you can get a trade done. If joseph does leave though, it's not looking good for you guys.

Crandell would be the obvious choice for the starter but Tillman does have an awful lot of college QB's on his neg list so you never know who would be brought in.

If the Riders were to go against the norm and draft a Canadian QB, they'd likely go with the local product who is just as good if not better than Sacobie, in that I mean Teale Orban.

Where is Joseph thinking of going? :cowboy:

new orleans, you haven't heard?

...next qb. in Sask....Henry Burris of course...after he gets miffed playing behind tricky Dickie....heh heh... :lol:

Nice one dad but I think Glenn will return to the riders with parades and fan fare. I can see the head lines in Winnipeg "Glenn wants to go home" this after Brendan Taman gets his man A Smith aka of the Stamps 2007 roster. Now to be fair the Riders will most likely hold out and pay KJ what he is worth but that might be costly in other areas. But in all seriousness the Riders at this time can not afford to lose KJ. I do not think he will be going anywhere but Regina.

With Joseph I think this is all posturing on his behalf to get the contract he deserves and I do think he is worth top money at $400,000, a figure which most of the other QB's are at.
In fact, Printers is earning more at $500,000 and recently Ricky Ray also resigned for this same type of money.
Right now in my opinion Joseph is argueably
the better of these three as having a GC to show for it.

Well first off I do not blame KJ for being pissed off at the Riders. First he is asked to take a large pay cut to help with the SMS issues only to find out their way over. Ironic is it not. I believe Arius stated several players took pay cuts hmm there must be lots of ticked off players in Regina wearing those GC rings. Rider fans watch the pawn shops you might find one or two there. :lol: :lol:

Agreed Red, I would do exactly the same thing if in his shoes.
It's time for the Riders to pony up and give him this contract.

Should the Riders really give KJ $400k+/year like Edmonton and Hamilton gave their QB's? Look how the Ti-Cats and Eskimos did in the 2008 Season. Look at the other two high paid QB's, Calvillo and Burris ($350k), both had sub-500 seasons. I don't think QB's are worth what they think they are in the CFL! Welcome to the SMS!!

Just think of the alternative if the Riders do not give KJ his dues and he walks.

...heh heh...i knew i'd get you stirred up with that one my son....thought that might get the Rider fans a little excited as well..lol...Glenn wants more money...and he'll probably get it..as for golden arm Smith....sorry we'll pass...cuz he couldn't...as you found out...lol.....As for K.J....he deserves a raise....BUT he's not as young as used to be...a fact the Riders are more than aware of...and probably the 'new look see' team down south...You just never know though, someones gotta sign him :wink: :lol:

Well, to put some context to this question, if KJ gets a 100,000 signing bonus, and goes to NO, and sits on the practice roster all year, he'll make 180,000. If you consider the lower taxes he will pay, he would make more money than in Canada.

If he got on the roster for just 4 games in 2008 , he would make 150,000, minimum.

When you add the numbers up, if the CFL wants young college stars to look north rather than hold a clipboard in the NFL, salaries ranging from 200-400,000 are pretty bang on.
Sure the argument is, "if you want to play, take less pay".
But really?
How many players really think that way.
The average career is what--4-5 years?
You may want to play, but you need to make some coin as well.

Only some who haven't seen the books and dont know a thing about the SMS would accuse the Riders of being way over the cap. I have said that KJ deserves a raise, but he has to prove that last year was no fluke. I said that KJ would have to have an MOP-type season. He may not win the award, but his numbers and leadership ability would have to similiar to what he did last year.

I do agree that QB's and CFL players in general deserve more money. I don't like the fact that Joesph's low salary makes the NFL practice roster a viable option financially for him.

I don't know what the basis for increasing the Salary Cap is exactly. But the increase needs to be more substantial than what the commissioner announced this year.

Unfortunately for the players, a CFL GM's mandate is to win games and championships, not pay the players what they deserve. When you look at the win-losses in 2007. A high paid QB just doesn't generate a winning team. I don't like it and I understand why Kerry Joesph doesn't like it, but that's the way it looks through my eyes.

I don't think Rider fans have to worry. This was written in the Toronto Star today by a TS reporter covering the Super Bowl:

“…Mostly, the NFL wanted to introduce New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers, who will be playing in London's Wembley Stadium this coming October…it gave yours truly a chance to run into Saints coach Sean Payton and ask him about the Saints giving Saskatchewan quarterback Kerry Joseph a tryout this month.

"Who?" Payton asked. "I don’t know anything about it. Sorry. Can’t help you."

He obviously left quite an impression... :lol:

So much for Joseph using the NFL as leverage in his contract talks with the Riders. That said, I'd rather have him playing for us, than not. I don't think we want to lose our head coach and starting QB in the same year.