Qb going forward

With Jakes play and especially if he pulls of a miracle next week … what happens when fine returns ? Someone will have to be sent to the practise roster as we wont keep 4 qbs

And what to.do when Harris returns for the last couple of games

For me…

Fine would move.to #2 and pipken slots in at third

When harris is healthy the following

  • if out of the playoffs just keep jake and fine going and ait harris for.next year
  • if fightijg for a play off spot Harris back to start with jake backing up
  • if we have clinched already split the duties between jake and Harris

Nezt season … if jake continues his development we should stick with him which would leave.harris odd man out. To costly to keep as a back up and at his age we definatly wants to start

Tough problem.to have but a good one in that we may actually develop our own starter for the first time in years

I would have Fine/Pipkin compete in practice for #2 behind Dolegala. Pipkin would remain the short yardage guy regardless.

Upon Harris’ return, he’s on the roster, but whether 1 or 2 would depend on Dolegala’s momentum and performance. Fine to PR.

Next year, if (and this is a BIG if) Harris can play, he and Dolegala have a legit TC competition for the starter role, they are 1 and 2 or 1a and 1b. Fine and Pipkin released, and the young guy (name escapes me) who started as the short yardage guy this year keeps getting groomed at #3

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I’ll hold out for at least a few more weeks before giving Jake a 500k contract

He won’t be getting that kind of money without putting up some serious numbers for an extended period.

But he is the best current option.

I am not convinced he is the guy, He is to hot and cold, at this time, I am willing to see how he moves ahead, next week will be a good start. He throws some great balls, then blows the next few big time, but he has not thrown an int. yet. Lets see how he moves along before we make him the next guy!!

Fine isn’t the next guy, either. Not even close. And Harris is getting old, assuming he can come back at all. So who, then?

I wouslnt even discuss next year till the off season …too many variables.in play with so many qb’s under contract currently


True. Best case scenerio is Jake continues to progress and keeps winning then we can take a portion of big contract QB dollars from Harris and bring in some pieces for sustained success.

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‘Who then’?

You’re probably right to be cautious or even pessimistic when it comes to Dolegala’s upside but holy crap… he’s actually starting to ‘get it’ according to Ben Grant who’s been following this prototypical NFL QB since his college days:



Oh, I’m not pessimistic about Dolegala. If you look back, I’ve been pushing for him for 2 seasons over Fine. My last post was simply answering someone else’s pessimism.

Of course, he’s not a $500k qb at this time. But he has enough upside to become one, if he can keep his head on his shoulders and put the work in to develop.


I agree Fine is not the guy, With Jake time will tell, he is already mountains ahead of Fine!! Just saying can he become consistent. That’s the really question!!

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Bring in durant to coach jake,. He knows what it takes.

Want Maier? Going once…

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No, we have to deal with Bo today, couldn’t he have waited one more game.

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Looks like Reynolds’s - Oday and Dickenson have done their jobs

Cleared fans out of Mosaic

No kidding, no pride on this team.

…and he has an O-Line in front of him that can give him a couple seconds to get the ball out…


Kerry Joseph is doing an outstanding job in Seattle. Maybe they should look at bringing him in as head coach?


I say there’s a problem in the league with respect to q.b. Pay. Average or below average q.b.’s should only be paid $2 to $300,000, unles you have a proven serious leader , the only ones who should be hitting the $500,000 /year mark are the top 2 or 3, and I think we know who the are. Without an oline, what’s the point of of paying someone $600,000/year and hobbling the rest of the team, untill you can truly protect the q.b. I would be very hesitant to be dolling out that kind of pay. Sad as it is, the cfl can’t pay exhobident salaries like I;m sure they wish they could.

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Why would the GM sign Pipkin and also Travis and not have made sure he
can sign Dolegala. Better watch out because the Patriots are about to depart
with Mac Jones and Belechick signed Dolegala on three different occassions.
Not saying anything would happen but best keep your eyes on the Patriots. It
appears both Mac Jones and Baily Zappe may be finishing out the season but
will be gone by Spring.

We shall see…