QB for next season

Bishop is gone so thank goodness we don't have to worry about that mess.

durant's contract is up in february and there is no way he is gonna stick around if he is the backup. but where would he go to be a starter? hmmm. not many teams need a starter right now.

Winnipeg will probably make a serious pitch for Durant if he becomes a free agent. I believe the Bombers have soured badly on Glenn and he could very well be finished as a Bomber. I don't know if he'd fit in with your system or not. It's easy to say 'sign Durant' before he becomes a free agent, but how much would Tilman actually be willing to offer him? Printers? No! I don't see him in Regina or Winnipeg.
Saying goodbye to Bishop was a smart move and I'am sure Winnipeg will be doing the same with Glenn.
Good luck with your Qback situation as it appears Winnipeg is in the same predicament.

So he beat a Winterpeg team that at the time couldn't have put up a fight for the Ram's. Then in the Banjo bowl pulled a great comeback, sorry but if your playing good then you don't need a comeback..right? those to instances you mentioned are the only 2 instances he has played good. im sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you are in love with him!

Escape goat? Can he play qb? They make fun of me on here. But I know what a scapegoat is.

i think crandell could play, but on a limited level. although he did win the grey cup mvp in 2001 that was 7 years ago. i think he is a perfect veteran backup that makes ateam better by having him as an insurance player.

Crandell may be the nicest guy in the world, but Arius (and the Calgary dudes) were right on this one from the get-go: he had a half-season performance and a Grey Cup MVP and parlayed that into another 8 years as a pro QB. He's done nothing since.

Bishop's like a drug - he gives you that spark of brilliance to get you hooked, then you feel like crap for weeks while he sucks, and just when you're about to kick him, he gives you another fix, and you're hooked again. He's done that for 8 years. Fortunately ET checked himself into rehab on Monday.....

perfect metaphor. but the ironic thing is that we all know that drugs are bad.

so the question remains, now that bishop is gone, should durant be handed the starting job? that is if he resigns with the riders.

We all know that drugs are bad....but my guess is there were some pretty severe headaches on that flight home from Edmonton, and, in a moment of weakness, well.....

As for DD, I think you tell him regardless of what happens in the offseason, he goes into camp #1, and the starting job is his to lose. That's all any player can ask for.

Breaking it down by QB's 1st down conversion (how well they ran the offence - Regular season):

Crandell - 24.35% (1st down), 40.96% (2nd down), 62/115 - 53.91% (Overall)
Bishop - 33.06% (1st down), 46.05% (2nd down), 151/245 - 61.63% (Overall)
Durant - 28.08% (1st down), 44.90% (2nd down), 85/146 - 58.22% (Overall)
Jyles - 30.26% (1st down), 48.15% (2nd down), 49/76 - 64.47% (Overall)

Bishop - 1st down - 5/26 (19.2%), 2nd down - 7/19 (36.8%), 3rd down 1/10 (10.0%), Overall 13/26 (50.0%)
Durant - 1st - 1/4 (25%), 2nd - 1/3 (33%), 3rd 1/2 (50%), Overall 3/4 (75%)

Bishop ran our offence better than Crandell in 2008.

That’s only if you don’t take the ridiculous turnovers into account.

trade jyles & keep durant?????? perhaps that is why sask is gone bye bye .......good to see bishop toast.......always highly overrated......you guys wanna bororrow la fors or maas for a few games ?? ha ha ha ha
actually sad to see the riders out this year but esks / riders cant both be in the big show......

esks in the grey cup!!!!!!!!!!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Actually this year they could have...I'll leave that brainbuster for you to figure out...

i would take durant's passes over jyles floaters.

Yeah, but you're also the guy that wants Crandell back.

I think we should keep the quarterbacks we have , and let them all fight for the starting job. But this is my prediction Durant as the starter Bell will impress alot of people and become the back-up and Jyles will be third string.

I would take Darian Durant over either of those eskimo backups

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Richie Williams.

He's not the most polished quarterback (it's why the TC is going with Porter), but he's EXTREMELY popular with his teammates, and they would go to the ends of the Earth to play for him. He's calm and cool no matter what happens in the game. He's a leader.

He's damn good quarterback. Again, not the most refined throwing style, but is a tremendous athlete with many intangibles.

For some reason, whenever the Ticats talk about the future of qbing in Hamilton, they don't mention his name anymore. Expect a trade in the offseason with Williams and another team.

Trust me, you fans would love him. He fits Saskatchewan perfectly.

guess Dave Dickenson would love to be a quarterback/ offensive coach
would he be a good fit year in riderville

DD needs to never suit up again or he is going to be a vegetable. I do think he probably has potential as a coach and I wouldn't object to having him come here and work as the QB coach one bit we need someone proper to mentor these young guys for next year. I predict we will actually see Dalton Bell as the starter by the end of next season, just a guy feeling.

I'd like to see Dave Dickenson the Quarterbacks coach, then see Darian Durant as the starter.