QB for next season

I know it is kinda stupid to be talking about next season, but i guess i am an idiot. but my question is what do you think the riders will/should do to fix the QB situation for next season?

durant's contract will be up at season end. should they try to resign him? is he or jyles the player of the future? i haven't seen much of drew tate and nothing of dalton bell. is bishop worth keeping?

my though is to unload bishop, resign durant and trade jyles and pick up a veteran backup to help out durant. maybe casey printers? or should they go for a vet as a starter and stop with the QB nurturing projects?

What i'd like to see happen, Bishop released, Durant resigned, Printers signed for a small amount as a free agent and played where he belongs on the D/C not according how how in love the coaches are with him (MB). Drew Tate released, and one other rookie Qb brought in. and i'd like to see the training camp roster as follows

(someone else)

What i expect to see is

some other QB

The way I figure it …


Although I don’t see Durant and Bishop both back next year. Maybe we can talk Toronto into a Bishop / Joseph swap again – although Durant / Joseph is a lot more likely.

We will end up with Jyles, Bell, and a “veteran”. Durant, in his 3rd year, would qualify.

I would love to see Durant, Bell, Jyles as next year’s lineup. Although I only give it about 15-20% chance of becoming reality.

i was thinking the same. that would be hilarious.

i am not sure which veterns would be available next season through the free agent market, but as for a trade i think printers will be available, althougth it is still too early to see if porter is the man there. maybe maas, but i am not sure if he is worth it, but he could be a realiable backup i guess.

Could be a real influx at QB for TC next year

Mauk may return (aparently wasn’t fully recovered from surgery when he was here) http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/pr … rId=146037

Dalton Bell will still be arround, NFL was still showing interest and they protected him on the active roster, I have high expectations for him http://gobuffsgo.cstv.com/sports/m-foot … ton00.html

Jeremy Young will be arround for training camp, he was signed early in the season for next yearhttp://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/playe … rId=147930

Not to mention Tate, Jyles, and Bishop. I personally thing Durant is done as a Rider.

you got to be joking Printers in Riderland, NO thanks his career is almost done and will fade into nothing but a backup QB, i would rather have Joseph back and Bishop traded keep Durant

I thought I heard that Tillman told Mauk he doesn't have the arm to play in the CFL and that he won't be back next year.

thats what i said, if he plays like 3rd then put him 3rd, plays like practise roster put him there. I am by no mean saying i want him to be our starter but he is capabable of being a lot better then some we have for whatever reason he just failed this time around.

yeah i don't know Printers really has had a few chances i thought he would have shined in Hamilton but no go, and with Porter showing his talent and will probbaly be the new starter i think Printers just might be off to Winnipeg or maybe even Toronto i think TO would fit his playing style much better then Joseph

(Edited for potty-mouth language) Printers all he is good for it being mobile, and all of out quarterbacks are mobile, so what's the point. Since i haven''t even seen Dalton Bell play i'm not going to say anything about him.

1st string - Michael Bishop
2nd string - Darian Durant
3rd string - Steven Jyles
4th string - Dalton Bell

Well guys i think it comes down to dollars it depends how mutch we pay bishop but for how in love Et and Miller are with his arm
that can change a game with one long bomb, but I might add cant compleate a five yard screen pass. If he can Keep us close in the post season they will keep him fo next year. Durant who I think is better suited to this teams offence design will be down the road, he talked when ET decided he should have been listening and watching. I would like a quaterback who playes with some emotion, speaks when he gets frustrated, hell just plain leads the team not a quaterback who stays in line and does only what hs told. they will keep Jiles and fish for a new rookie Qb Durant will go to Winnepeg, Hamilton or back up Ray in Edmonton. I would like to see us swollow some pride and get Joseph back he has 3 or 4 good years the man is a brick schmidt house took alot of punishment this year and still played damn good.

I heard that he was still recovering from shoulder surgery, and was welcome to come back for TC. Could be wrong but that is what I remember.

well that is it, we as fans haven't seen much or anything of mauk, bell and even tate, so who knows what they are like. i just don't want to see the mike 'the broken faucet' bishop back next season (he is either hot or cold water never warm) here is what i like:

1 - durant
2 - veteran backup with a lowish salary who knows his role: not the starter but a backup who comes in when needed. (pretty much what crandell was last year)
3 - bell or mauk or tate (although maybe tate has used up his time already?)
4 - orban (i know you are gonna raz me for that one, but hey who knows)

well i guess it is proven that bishop should be out!!

I would love to see Crandle back… I thin ET should make an apology and get Bishop out and Crandle back… whatever happens please do not sign Printers. We don’t need another Bishop… Bringing back Joseph is not a good idea either… he only did well because of who we had for a head coach… and Miller wouldn’t be able to handle him.

i would agree with you about crandel but it will never happen. i think he got used as an escape goat for a team that lacked receivers.

No Crandell did have to be demoted, he was playing horribly. Unfortunately with the current salary situation they couldn't afford to just shoot him down the depth chart and bring Bishop in. To bring Bish in they needed to unload some coin, Crandell had to go. Unfortunately for him he wont ever be playing pro ball again. I hope I have to eat crow on this one because he is a really good guy.

This is how i’d like to see it.

1st string - Michael Bishop
2nd String - Darian Durant
3rd string - Dalton Bell
4th string - Steven Jyles

I know knowone wants to see Bishop again, but i do. Everyone is pointing out the bad things he did. Look at the good things. He came to saskatchewan and won us the laborday classic after being here for 3 days. He went to winnipeg and made an amazing comeback. On Oct 3rd against the visiting Stampeders he had an amazing 1st half by completeing 12 of 13 passes. And how about when Steven Jyles was replaced by him in the 2nd half of the Edmonton game, he was amazing. And thats only to name a few. I say we keep Bishop.

If Bishop stays, he has got to be the back-up. Another season with him starting and the organization makes no progress whatsoever. We know exactly what we will get if he starts.

Bishop goes if he stays the temptation will be to great for Miller because with Bishop its like a grab bag you never know what your going to get . 2 years in a row in playoffs he bombed ? definatly not a big game kind of guy.