QB first and last names....coincidence????

BC-Pierce Jackson
EDM-Ray Maas
WIN-Glenn Dinwiddie
TOR-Joseph Bishop
MON-Brady Calvillo

Sounds like one dude to me....is there something to this????? Yeah, I know, there isn't. :wink:


lol the only one that even sounds okay to me is Glenn Dinwiddie

could be ned. For the same reason when I bought a bag of milk and a 649 the other night and the price was, you guessed it, 649, that I think I'm going to win it tonight! :wink:

Only one that sounds right to me is Peirce Jackson.

change the joseph to joe and then joe bishop sounds the best

Not bad.

Actually, if you say them often enough, they all start to sound somewhat normal...

Sounds good Chief, and Ned, you have far too much time on your hands! :lol: :lol:

Jackson Pierce, or Pierce Jackson....

Allen Damon
Austin Kent