QB Factory or a Great System?

Looking at Wally's success in Calgary and BC at producing Quaterbacks is it his eye for talent, the way they develop them or the system they play in? When I saw a story on the outstanding passing completion % numbers for Printers, Dickenson and Peirce the last few years I started to think about the system. Casey never struck me as an accurate passer and the Lions have tended to dump it underneath alot but all three have had great numbers.

Pierce and Dickenson have the highest average gain per pass attempt in the CFL, around 9 yds per, (the CFL recently went to the American-style avg yardage per pass attempt stat, rather than the traditional Canadian-style avg per completion. Now you don't know what the avg pass completion yardage was without a calculator. Printers had over 10 yards per attempt in 2004, which is phenomenal!

I think the great Lions receivers, (i.e. Geroy Simon) contributes to the great stats by the Lion QBs, but Wally is also very carefull to bring his QBs along slowly to keep their confidence up...not exposing them to too much pressure too early, which can ruin a young prospect.

The offensive system and receivers in BC over the past few years have probably been the most successful and best in the league. While Dickenson and Printers are/were great QBs in this league, their success(as well as Pierce's) has to be contributed somewhat to the great system BC has.

Clearly Wally has an eye for talent.
That is a given.
And he is a pretty decent coach--second, and soon to be winningest coach in CFL history.
Another given.
But perhaps the biggest factor in Wally being able to develop QBs is that while they seem talented, they are also fragile.
Anyone actually think Dickenson gets to play if Garcia isn't broken?
or Burris?
And now in BC, if Dickenson wasn't a walking infirmary, Printers, Pierce and Jackson never see the field.

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!