QB efficiency rating

Does anyone have the formula? I am looking at the stats right now and it seems odd that Ray's rating is 102 while Joseph's is 97 even though they have roughly the same yards with Joseph taking 34 less attempts and has a slightly better TD to INT ratio. The only thing I could see that would make that difference is if the formula is partially based on the number of games played. Any help?

The formula is somewhat complicated, but what I can tell you, is it has nothing to do with games played.
They do list all the criteria on the chart for comparison...
I'll take a look and see if I can spot why Joseph's rating is lower(which does not surprise me by the way)

edit: I am guessing the biggest difference is Ricky Ray being at nearly 70 % competion rate, while KJ is only at 60%.

It's probably because of their respective completion percentages. Ricky Ray has a 70% completion rate while Joseph only has a 58.4% completion rate.

Great minds.....

I was able to find this
Quarterback Rating System
Step 1: Complete passes divided by pass attempts. Subtract 0.3, then divide by 0.2
Step 2: Passing yards divided by pass attempts. Subtract 3, then divide by 4.
Step 3: Touchdown passes divided by pass attempts, then divide by .05.
Step 4: Start with .095, and subtract interceptions divided by attempts. Divide the product by .04.
The sum of each step cannot be greater than 2.375 or less than zero. Add the sum of Steps 1 through 4, multiply by 100, and divide by 6.

Makes perfect sence dont ya think? :roll:

I would agree. I neglected to look at Joseph's completions which would make the numbers make sense now. Thanks,

I think you forgot that you must drink two fingers of Drambouie after each step (and sub-step).
Then it makes sense.....

You're kidding right?

Is who kidding?

QB efficeincy rating means nothing. There are to many people who put stock into it saying that is how you measure a good quarterback. When in effect it is only measuring "PASSING" efficiency. It only measures how well the quarterback is passing the ball.

The stat does not take into consideration fumbles lost or yards lost which reduce the efficiency of the quarterback. Or the really big stat...win and loses.