QB Durant back wearing walking boot on injured foot

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/3907691-roughriders-qb-durant-back-wearing-walking-boot-on-injured-foot/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/390 ... ured-foot/[/url]
The Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback didn't practise Wednesday, telling reporters afterward his right-foot injury flared up
Durant said there was no specific play Sunday that aggravated the injury.

"I really didn't take any hits," he said. "I guess it was just coming from the pounding, starting and stopping, dropping (back) and running.

Calling Brandon Isaac!

Serves the Riders right, rushing him back for a game in which they would have been heavily favoured even with their backup.

He was running and moving about pretty good for someone with an injury....I think last week was a ruse...even the TV commentators seemed to think so....and now they're trying to carry on with it again....

I believe Durant is truly injured to some extent; most guys play with nagging hurts. If I was Chamblin, I'd start Drew Willy. That would be a real insult to the Cats. All the ex-Cats in the coaching staff and the playing roster would support this move.
Durant would dress, of course.

Hell he could have worn a body cast and he would have still beaten the crap out of us, as long as his throwing arm is free. :oops:

A ruse?

Can't see it. How exactly does it fool Hamilton? You're still preparing to play him. Nothing changes.

Besides, you think it's a good idea for the QB to miss practices and on filed preparations for an upcoming opponent?

I think he's got a bum ankle.

Just because we didn't see any on field indications that his ankle was hurt, doesn't mean it doesn't swell up and get sore the day after, which is common in football.

Durant could'nt possibly been hurt in that last game,from what I saw he wasn't touched by a Cat player all game.If he's got a wonky ankle,it was probably caused by his jumping up and down in celebration after all the scoring that Sask. did :oops: :thdn:

There were a few plays where our D put a good chase on him to the point he had to run full speed. I'm sure he would have been pretty sore the next day.

This is a strategy played by teams sometimes during back-to-back games. It forces the Cats to train for Willy, while then seeing Durant start the game perfectly healthy.

Don Matthews was great at this strategy.

Ankle injuries can take a long time to get over.
I am surprised they are playing him.
If this turns into a long term injury it would prove to be a very costly mistake as this team is built this season to compete in the Grey Cup hosted by Regina this year!

They should let him sit this one out,the Roughies really don't need him against our sadsack team,they could probably play their 5th stringer and still beat us,without working up much of a sweat :oops:

I really don't care who plays QB for the Riders. For us to be successful we will have to put pressure on whoever plays QB don't give them time to set up and force the play. If we can't do that than it doesn't really matter who the QB is we will have a tough time.

An excellent point, and to add to that, does it really matter who is handing the ball off to Sheets, the league's leading rusher?

LOL! Loved your comment catfish. DDs good but not that good! :lol:

Were I the Cat’s coach, I would be training for more than Drew or Darian. Hell I would be training for the pass rush, the stand-your-ground Rider O-line, the special teams etc etc …I’d say there is a lot more than a couple of QBs to worry about.

Durant's ankle was so bad last week he could out run each and every Ticat lineman and linebacker. And, when he couldn't he opted to just heave the ball out of bounds.