QB Drew Tate set to retire?

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#Calstampeders QB Drew Tate ready to begin a career in football coaching in NCAA http://www.clintonherald.com/sports/sta ... 17043.html#CFL via @ZacharyWJames

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Drew Tate: "I want to be here (Iowa); I want to coach for the Hawks. I want to show U what I can do, & work my way up.’ “ - Drew Tate #CFL

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“If (Ferentz) says if they have an opportunity, consider it done and see what they need? - Drew Tate #CFL #Calstampeders via @ZacharyWJames

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"If Coach (Ferentz) has an opening, I will be there (w/ Iowa Hawkeyes).? - #Calstampeders QB Drew Tate #CFL via @ZacharyWJames

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Tate: I want to be a QB coach. I want 2 B head coach. I wouldn’t mind being a graduate assistant/intern on "D" side. via @ZacharyWJames #CFL

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Drew Tate going to ask Iowa Hawkeye Coach (Kirk) Ferentz if he can help him, even on an unpaid volunteer basis. #CFL via @ZacharyWJames[/b]

''''Looks like the stamps are getting ready to open up some significant cap space??? Tate could be gonzo.

Might as well be gone.

Any QB with his talent that is content and happy with being a back - up, should just retire and move on.

Tate could/should be a starter in this league yet was content being the perennial backup by signing multiple extensions and never wading into Free Agency.
His stats have always been impressive when the opportunity to play arose but seems to lack the passion to be "THE GUY"

Tate did at one time have passion when he used to sit by himself on the bench in order to concentrate on the game, scream at teammates who made mistakes, and did not bother with keeping up his appearance. Then one day, he just mellowed out and/or matured. Who knows, maybe he had a kid or something. Instead of trying to be a leader on the field, Tate all of a sudden just wanted to fit in.

Even if Tate does not go specifically to Iowa University, there are probably others schools who would give him an entry coaching position. In other words, Tate seems to have already decided that he will not be back in Calgary.

I think the injuries made him re-think his effectiveness as a starter and he humbled himself to be a back up .

Unbelievable, this guy could have been the best in the league. Time for him to move on.

Despite the report, Scott Mitchell is quoting Tate as saying: “I’m committed to the Calgary Stampeders.?

Good riddance.


It appears the guy that posted this had premature posting as this is a none story. Tate will show up for work as normal. :oops:

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