QB Development

We all love Kevin Glenn, and we all agree he should continue to start for the Cats. However if Kevin gets hurt, or in a couple years (he's 31 now and I don't see him lasting to 38 like Calvillo) we will be left in a predicament. I don't want to turn this into a "Lets Bash Quinton Porter" thread, but what do you honestly think should be the future of the Cats QB development, given the last season and Trafralis's relatively unknown ability.

I'd ideally like to see us make a trade for Jared Zabransky, Drew Tate or Adrian McPhearson although he's made it very clear he wants to start and play, something I think Winnipeg, BC or Toronto should attempt to do.

That leads me to another question, separate your emotions for this one (because I for one like Kevin Glenn) but would you pick Adrian McPhearson over Kevin Glenn?

Macpherson is trying out for the NFL. He may not even be an Alouette in 2011.

I like Porter and Tafralis. I think we are fine at QB. Glenn should start and we should continue to develop Porter and Tafralis.

I think porter had shot and he been talking Trash in Media..
Adam Tafralis. should get his shot Moving Boltus up to #3
Bring in 4th QB For Pracitice Team and Release or Trade Porter Outwest ..

McPhearson is not in the same league as Kevin. I say give Trafalis a chance as the #2 guy.


QP is not the heir apparent. I haven't seen enough of Trafalis or Boltus but deep down I think the team's next #1 QB isn't even with the team yet,

An Argo-Cat fan

Porter will push Glenn at T.C again :thup:

If they dont want to stick with Porter trade him for Brannagan, who is a Local Kid! :thup:

Let training camp decide the backup. I would not be surprised at all if Porter is released. That is a serious amount of money against the cap which could and should in my opinion be used elsewhere. Let Kevin Glenn get ready for the season in camp play Adam Tafralis for most of the first preseason game and decide if Jason Boltus moves up or not. Bringing in another guy for further competition would be a good idea as well.

Start Kevin in the second preseason game for no more than a quarter and a half. This is where Coach B. must show he has learned something which is that we need to have our backup ready to play and also to play more during the year. (reference to the last game of last year when Glenn and a few others should not have seen the field, in my view)

I still think if Adam Tafralis comes back and is given serious playing time in the preseason we will have our backup q.b. questions answered and yes I do think he could start if Glenn gets hurt. He throws a great ball and can run really well.

The nice part in all this is Khari knows these guys well and vice versa. Our offence should be improved this year.

My two cents

Just a guess fans, Porter will be given a chance at camp and if he doesn't replace Glenn which is highly doubtful he will be released and picked up quickly, the rest of the league seems to like Porter more than Ham dose, just like BauMan. QB's have to have playing time no matter who they are, weather it be Porter, Glenn, Tafralis or Danny Mac.

That scenario may very well play out.

On what do you base that opinion?

Maybe Toronto might be interested?

Why can't you see Glen lasting until 38 like Cavillo? He had a great year, set all kinds of records.

I agree with Mike, there is a very good chance Glenn will play deep into his thirties. He gets better every yr. and he very much wants to win a cup.


Yes, but i don't think it's fair to expect a professional football player to play well into his thirties. Even just one injury can do you in, for good.

While that's true for players of any age, for giggles, here's the list of the CFL's top 30 all-time passers, along with age info. (Yes, I realize there is a selection bias at work here, since the all-time passing leaders can be expected to be players who played more years). At a glance, it seems few play past age 36, though in several cases (e.g. Dunigan) this was due to specific injury issues and not due to a general decline in performance over time. Note also that some players (e.g. Hufnagel, McManus) continued to play for a few years after they were no longer starters. Also note that for active players, the "Age at retirement" is how old they would be if they retired at the end of the 2011 season (though these are rough, as I only accounted for year of birth, not specific birthdates). Also, "Retirement Year" is the last year they played in the CFL, so for players like Moon and Flutie, this doesn't account for additional years spent in the NFL.

Here they are, sorted by how old they were when they retired from the CFL:

Birth year; Retirement Year; Age at retirement; NAME Note
1963 2007 44 Allen , Damon
1965 2006 41 McManus , Danny
1938 1978 40 Lancaster , Ron
1972 2011 39* Calvillo , Anthony Still active*
1943 1981 38 Wilkinson , Tom
1961 1998 37 Barrett , Danny
1975 2011 36* Burris , Henry Still active*
1973 2009 36 Joseph , Kerry
1960 1996 36 Dunigan , Matt Concussions
1960 1996 36 Kerrigan , Mike
1951 1987 36 Hufnagel , John Torn achilles
1973 2008 35 Dickenson , Dave Concussions
1962 1997 35 Flutie , Doug Jumped to NFL
1955 1990 35 Paopao , Joe
1932 1967 35 Faloney , Bernie
1971 2005 34 Jones , Khari Shoulder problems
1965 1999 34 Ham , Tracy
1953 1987 34 Clements , Tom
1963 1996 33 Austin , Kent
1954 1987 33 Holloway , Condr'g
1951 1984 33 Brock , Dieter Jumped to NFL
1942 1975 33 Liske , Peter
1936 1969 33 Jackson , Russ
1979 2011 32* Ray , Ricky Still active
1979 2011 32* Glenn , Kevin Still active
1964 1995 31 Burgess , Tom
1958? 1988 30 Dewalt , Roy Hard to find birth year, but Drafted by NFL in 1980
1930 1960 30 Etcheverry , Sam
1938 1966 28 Kapp , Joe
1956 1983 27 Moon , Warren

Didn't add the notes to my table above, but I should have noted that Etcheverry, Kapp and Moon each went on to play in the NFL.

Wow, more than I thought and older too. I think QB's that plays the game like Calvillo will be around for a long time. Kevin gets rid of the ball quick and does play similar to calvillo, taking few risks. I think he will be around for at least another 5 yrs. at the rate he is going..