QB controversy

Do you think that Durant deserves to replace Crandell when he gets healthy? Now that he's back throwing the football and Crandell has had his chance to prove himself. It was Crandell's job to lose, and now that we've seen 5 really bad quarters of football out of 8, has he lost the starting job? If he managed to pull out an ugly win in Edmonton, would you stick with Crandell? What if he loses his second game in 3 starts?

I say we need to get Durant back at the helm as soon as he's ready to go. Crandell doesn't have the presence in the huddle that we've seen out of Durant. He didn't lose his job to injury, he had his chance to prove why he's the starter, and he showed us that he's a career backup.

I would Agree.

Once Durrant is 100% it should be his team, and I hope it is.

If Durrant would have been healthy against Calgary I would have thought that he would have taken over starting in the 2nd half.

Durrant all the way

You just need to give crandell some time to get chemistry with the new recievers.

Ehhhh he isn't the guy

With our young crew of receivers, the Qb's are going to suffer through growing pains, regardless of who is behind the controls.

Regardless I don't have faith in MC.

To Crandell's credit, he wasn't 100%, and was still suffering some limited mobility issues in his past couple games. However, I don't buy that Crandell needs time to develop chemistry. Durant needed no time. He went in and distributed the ball and looked good doing it. I still say this needs to be Durant's team by labour day. Trading Joseph to let our young talent shine sort of leads me to believe that's what's on Tillman's mind too (although he likes to throw us curveballs).

I agree with Zbest, Durant gelled pretty much right away and he came in WANTING this bad enough. However, Crandell not only suffered physically, we have seen more than our fair share of dropped passes this year that were between the numbers. If I were KM, I would put a lot of stock in this Edmonton game with MC at the helm, then base my decision on that.

What is with the starting QB's in this entire league this year?

Hmmmm i think Crandell has had enough time he did not just join the CFL or the Riders, he’s at a point in his career where he has to prove he can lead a team as a starter show his vetran skills, which he has not he has only shown a few signs, not a starter in my books and your all fooling yourselfs if you think this guy can lead the Riders to the final.

Honestly im kind of on the fence on this topic. I like Durant he can run he can throw the short ball (havn't seen many long passes) and he can distribute the ball. Crandell on the other hand is very accurate but 5 out of 8 bad quarters is not so good Edmonton should be his proving game agreed that dropped passes made him look bad but he throws to palmer low all the time like he is 3'0" but Crandell is smart and I think he can pull it together but if not then Durant is the man

I think Durant should go in Crandell failed to impress me

Crandell was 6 for 21 against the esks, 0 passing yards in the third quarter, I no longer have faith in him.

I still have faith in Crandell. I have faith that he can lend a veteran helping hand to our young kids and help them overcome the usual rookie mistakes. Actually I think it was a good thing, because now this is Durant's team. We know Crandell is classy enough to play backup to a star and I don't think he'll sabotage the riders when he gets benched. But I don't expect Crandell to start labour day.

great comment zbest

Crandell very accurate? That is not what I saw. Passes into the turf, pass right to Guillory that he dropped out of shock................... Sure there were some drops by the receivers, but I sure don't think Crandell was accurate at all on the night.

Definitly not when he goes 7/24 or what ever it was. That was reminding me or Nelon Green except with out the ability to run........

At best he would have been 13 for 24 had their not been the 6 dropped passes that I counted.

Durant. He can run. When Riders play Crandall teams key on Cates. They know Crandall is not going to pull ball and run on option. Durant gives us what Joseph did.

I remember when Barrett would never change qbs. I hope Coach Miller will not keep Crandall as Riders starter. When Durant is healthy he is better. We will find out a lot about Miller. How he handles this.

Crandall is classy. I agree with zbest. But Tillman always said best players will play. Lets see if that is just talk.

well I posted that before the Edmonton game and my Tounge is in Cheek