QB controversy in B.C.?

My sources say the talk sports shows in Vancouver are already second guessing Printers being the starter. Travis Lulay has been so impressive and consistent and a positive leader many say. Is dissention just around the corner when Printers's inconsistency is revealed in the regular season. Rickey Ray vs. Printers in game one - how will Casey do at the bat????? :cowboy:

You know, the Ti-Cat store has had 'Printers' shirts on clearance for $5.00 for the last few seasons. Needless to say they have not moved. I've been tempted to buy one, but I just can't think of an innovative way to show how much us in Hamilton loved the way Casey made off with a half million from us. I'm open to ideas on that one.

Anyways, Casey will do alright but if he gets sacked he's gonna get injured.

^^ :lol: :lol:

I'm curious why they try to sell those jerseys. I gotta imagine 9 out of 10 times they don't sell. Is sending them back to the manufacturer not an option?

I honestly have no idea

[url=http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?productid=459&cat=140&page=1]http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?prod ... 140&page=1[/url]

I almost wish I could buy one just to glue it to a couple pieces of pipe and burn one in effigy on game day just as the BC players arrive at the stadium. Think that might rattle Casey? :lol:

Maybe I'll make a sign saying "All we got was this crappy T-Shirt"

im buying one 4 sure!!!

Well, now that you've said it, hammer, you gotta do it! :lol:

Well the burning thing I'm gonna hold off on. A public mischief charge is not something I want. There has to be something more innovative to do with these shirts, since wearing them clearly isn't an option.

I guess it must have stuck in your craw when he lit you guys up in the East Semi-Final last year, huh? :wink:

24 of 35 for 360 yards and a touchdown??

That's okay, he may be a bum in Hamilton but we love him here in B.C. It's where he was meant to play.

speak for yourself.

Jury is still out with me.

Yaaaaa, I know its exhibition, but I wasn't impressed they way Printers forced the ball into tight coverage when he should have just thrown it up to the tenth row of bleechers.

Since Turkey threw the bait out there I will nibble a little bit........

My fine feathered friend, don't think of it as a QB contraversy, think of it as a one, two knock out punch! :wink: :wink: :wink:

mr. sportsman- again your logic is thoughtful. I hope you are wrong. One two punch, three four out the door. Bye Bye Casey. Edmonton by 35 in the opener. Ricky Ray will carve your Leos up for dinner. Casey will never get started. By the time Wally reacts, it will be too late for Lulay to save the day.


yippee ki yay

You guys have no imagination. :roll: :wink:

I went to the Ticats website and assume the shirt you're talking about is black and has Ticats 1 on the front and Printers 1 on the back. Go to a crafts store that sells yellow fabric paint and some black fabric (for practicing). Use the fabric paint to put a # sign before the 1 on the front. On the back either put "sucks" or cross off Printers and print Bruce below it. If you get ambitious you could try to add something like "So sue me - I'm cheap" at the bottom.

Printers will be great do not worry. AS for the Edmonton game coming up BC 38 Edmonton 20, Casey Printers throws for 380 yards 3 touchdowns, two more touchdowns on the ground by Jamel Robertson, and Mcallum kicks one field goal. it will be close to the forth quarter until bc scores 18 points to put the game away. Geroy will get 2 touchdowns along with Armstrong with one, Rickey Ray will have a OK game, he will through 2 interceptions that set bc up for touchdowns in the forth quarter.