QB Confusion.

Has anyone else noticed, that at the back-up QB position, there has been mass confusion?

Let me make my case, from the beginning.

First, we resign Banks and then sign 2 other rookies, (Holland and Bohnet), which puts 5 QB's in camp.

After the rookie camp, they start "real TC", where Berry says that 5 QB's in camp are too many and that he may have to cut one in the near future.

A week and a couple days after, he demotes Bohnet, but does not cut him. Berry says that Bohnet will be there, but will not take any reps.
Seems kind of pointless.....but ok....
Then he dresses for the preseason game, but doesn't see a second of time and a couple of days later gets cut. o_O
In that preseason game, Banks plays terrible. On one specific occasion he locks in on a WR doing an out, looks at him the whole way and then throws it, short. It gets intercepted and returned for a TD. The next day, Berry says Banks didn't play that bad, it was the receivers that made the mistakes. o_O

Then Berry says that he doesn’t know who will be going to Hamilton, Banks or Dinwiddie, but that either way, it doesn’t matter, because Glenn will be playing most of the game anyways. He also says that who ends up going, will not determine who will eventually get cut. Again…seems like a strange way to evaluate and a little pointless.

A couple of days after that, he trades Banks for Kingsbury, who is a complete unknown, as TC is wrapping up, I might add.

Now, assuming that Glenn and Holland are locks at the #1 and #2 spot, how in the world is he going to choose the #3. He has never seen Kingsbury. Is it possible that he would trade for a guy, give him no chance in a “real? game and then cut him four or five days later? Or does this spell the end of Dinwiddie? How do you make a choice between a QB that you have never seen in game action and a QB that you have seen, but is average, on a good day?

I would just like to point out, that I like Coach Berry. Overall I think he has done a very good job. I just think, when it comes to the back-up QB position, he has been a little suspect.

It will be Glenn and Holland - #1 and #2 respectively ... I don't know too much about Kingsbury, but Berry recommended him to Taman (as heard on CJOB) from his day's as an Alouette, I think He deserves a look and on such short notice and the end of training camp, he would need to learn quick (which is his upside they say) i think it'll be Glenn, Holland and Kingsbury on Friday with kingbury seeing some action. As far as the QB situation here, i have no idea, as it stands right now (unless someone special gets cut .. ie. Jarius Jackson) looks like we might be heading into the Regular Season like this....

1- Glenn
2- Holland
3- Dinwiddie

So why did we trade Banks for Kingsbury, unless he makes an instant impact and knocks Dinwiddie out, makes no sense to me either, we'll see on saturday when the final rosters are announced.

Stay tuned to the bomber QB Soap Opera.

Berry recommended him to Taman (as heard on CJOB) from his day's as an Alouette,
Funny thing.....that is also how we aquired dinwiddie.