QB Collin Klein Signed

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I guess he impressed enough at mini-camp to be signed.

Or maybe Jim couldn`t get Calvin Klein.

I like Klein. Heck of an athlete! 370 for 604 for a 61.3% completion % & 4,724 yards (7.7 YPA) with 30 TD's & 15 Int's. 601 rushing attempts for a 4.1 yard average & 2,485 yards with a whopping 56 TD's!

Big Athletic Kid! 6'5" & 226 with fairly good athleticism. Could be a very, very, very interesting weapon in the Als' Offense.

Here`s one scouting report on Klein. Kind of similar to Tebow. It would have been interesting to see what Trestman could do with his development. Not sure yet about Worman.

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1607445-collin-klein-scouting-report-nfl-outlook-for-kansas-state-qb]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1607 ... s-state-qb[/url]

What's really weird is his throwing motion is very similar to AC. Not saying he's the next Calvillo just he's got that same long wind up on that baseball pitcher stance. AC is kind of an exception that's made this work compensating by knowing where he's going with the ball before it is snapped most of the time.

Ce que j'aime de cette mise sous contrat, c'est que Popp ne semble pas mettre tous ses oeufs dans le même panier au poste de quart. Certes, il n'y a aucune promesse que Klein sera un grand quart, mais il montre que Popp veut encore améliorer la profondeur de cette position.

Ce qui est moins évident, par contre, c'est que l'équipe se retrouve présentement avec 3 quarts recrues, 4 si on ajoute Price. Le seul quart qui a un peu d'expérience est Brink qui, sans être pourri, ne sera probablement jamais un grand quart.

Ce qui me rend un peu dubitatif à son sujet, ce sont les points faibles identifiés dans l'article référé par Sheldon. Ce sont précisément des points qui doivent être des points forts d'un quart de la LCF. Mais bon, il est jeune et peut encore apprendre. Espérons que Dinwiddie pourra faire du bon travail avec lui.

I don't consider Brinx a rookie. He's been in the league for 3 years and has around 10 starts. Smith and Marsh have a year and 4 to 6 starts under their belt.

From his Durocher interview even Mr. Wetenhall realizes this will be a transition year because of the new QB and coaches situation:

PALM BEACH | Bob Wetenhall affiche un optimiste modéré en vue de la prochaine saison.

«Ce sera une année de transition, commente le propriétaire des Alouettes. Notre meilleur joueur, Anthony Calvillo, a pris sa retraite. J’avoue que ça sera bizarre lorsque j’assisterai au premier match local le 4 juillet et que le numéro 13 ne sera pas au poste de quart. C’est un athlète que j’admire au plus haut point, autant sur le plan humain que professionnel.

«Troy Smith aura la lourde tâche de remplacer Calvillo, poursuit Wetenhall. On parle tout de même d’un ancien gagnant du trophée Heisman, qui a joué et gagné des matchs dans la NFL.

«Tanner Marsh est quant à lui un jeune quart prometteur. On verra ce qu’ils seront en mesure de faire. Il y a aussi l’arrivée de quelques entraîneurs, dont Tom Higgins. Ça implique toujours une période d’ajustement. C’est pourquoi je parle d’une saison de transition.»

Too bad Durocher didn't ask him how many wins would satisfy him during this transition season.

A smart owner wouldn't answer that question, especially in this type of transition year.

Set the bar too low and you effectively give people no reason to buy tickets, and/or get criticized for lowering expectations. Set the bar high and you put pressure on the coach/team that is unrealistic. And in either case, the actual results often depend on factors that are not predictable.

I understand that but he could still ask the questions. Maybe the cigarette smoke was bothering him :lol:

he must of shown something good at mini camp to get the invite as the Als have signed both Smith and Marsh to extensions and have and expereinced back up in Brink who can do short Yardage, wildcat, and has started games in the CFL for mostly very bad Bomber offensive lines.
Klein could start as the #4 on the 9 game and re evalute for the second half of the season or sit the whole year and learn. If he is similar to AC in his throwing style could be a nice job for AC to mentor the young man

Agree, But the great thing about CFL deals (for the teams) is that unless a contract includes bonuses payable before the season starts, a team can get out of a deal with no cap impact. So they can sign a guy like Klein, take a longer look at TC and still dump him if it doesn't work. Besides, every team team needs arms for TC (yes, I am minimizing my expectations).