QB Coach

due to the QB situation or the lack of ?
it is obvious that our young and inexperienced QBs definitely need a dedicated QB coach ?
what other team(s) do not have a QBs coach?

Cortez is the QB coach. It's pretty typical for a coordinator to double up as a position coach (usually QB). And the Argos, to name one team, don't have a dedicated QB coach (though I imagine Milanovich and Brady share the role).

last year was Durant's best year with Kahari Jones as his QB's coach, maybe it's time especially with young QB's to have a dedicated coach ?
sorry to say the O has not looked good all year even with Durant in at QB ? the D won us a few games at the start of the season.
Durant's stats in the first 10 games is 138 for 228, 60.5% passing 8 tds. and 5 int. not exactly record setting stats ?
10 rushing TDs with 7 in 2 games but an impressive 8 and 2 won /loss record.

Lol Cortez should have plenty of time to spend as the qb coach I mean how hard is it to come up with the game plan for the week? 1st down run second down run. 3rd down if close enough run. Repeat this for a quarter and a half and to spruce things up (after all we wouldn't want to be too predictable throw in a pass for either a completion or a pick) after that run, run, punt run, Pass, punt, run, run, punt run, run,punt, run, run, punt, pass, run, punt, run, run, punt, run, run, punt pass, pass. Game over.

Montreal was having offensive and QB issues and what did they do ?
entre Jeff Garcia as their QB's coach, and where are they now ?
what do we do ?
no you cant guess run the ball because that's what we do,

As I said several times over the last few months: Cortez is a problem (if not THE problem) for the offense. At the least he is totally unimaginative which is really no good for rookie QBs

Hey Jimmy.... You forgot missed missed field goal. :smiley: :smiley:

and at this point why not just let Tino call his own plays?

While I have always thought the Riders should have an independent QB coach and echoed that on here, Garcia brings a lot more to the table than a QB coach. He is helping Dinwiddie huge and IMO probably the coach himself who seems fairly inept.

Bringing in Joseph will help to fill part of the QB coach type expereince while likely hitting the line up at one point or another. Joseph certainly has the credential to be a new QB coach. Really spending last season as a defacto QB coach for Reilly while running short yardage. They released Joseph in favor of a younger wild cat type QB Pat White and they immediately added another newly retired Jarius Jackson.
With the CFL right in line with the NFL and NCAA with multiplayer [packaged defenses a new QB right out of NCAA especially is not only up to speed with the pro level game quite yeat but complex defenses with an extra DB to account for.

IMO if KJ at all fits he will be the QB coach next season. He has expressed interest in coaching, spent time with the Saints to improve, and is popular in the community.