QB Coach

I still feel that Darian has performed his best when he has had (and the other QBs as well) a dedicated Quarterback coach ... What is Marcus Crandell doing these days ? They seemed to have a good rapport when he was here working with Darian in the past....

I agree, DD is one of those QB that seem to need a mentor. Should give Flutie a call. :wink:

Totally agree.

Every club benefits by having at least on former CFL QB with a good level of experience in the league.
The Riders are a club without one anywhere on its staff. Not only benefiting Durant but a second year and first year back ups. Even adding one to the staff at this point of the season would be a nice piece to add to the puzzle to improve the club.
In Montreal Garcia appears to already be making a big difference. It is kind of an exclusive type club and in Regina Durant is the only member right now.
Calgary has a HC and OC that are members.
BC has Lulay and Glenn to bounce QB talk off each other and added an OC and REC coach who are in the club.
Toronto Milanovich himself a Journeyman QB and former player and QB/OC brought Brady with him to Toronto And signed both Ray and his former teammate Mass together in 2012.
Just a few of the teams that have members who could just sit down at lunch and talk QB play in the CFL.

Adding Cobourne to the staff gave them an instant RB mentor who really knows the modern CFL RB position.

Not having any big contract fired coaches on the pay role still helps in adding a QB coach as well

Well, now it looks like Sunseri has a QB coach in DD

Is Crandel not the QB coach for Edmonton?

Jarius Jackson is QB/rec coach in EDM.
Crandell is in Ottawa

What of Kerry Joseph being a qb coach? He has pretty much finished out his career with the ESKS the last few seasons. His role of back up, short yardage, and mentor would appear to make him a coach candidate. He is part of that wave of CFL QBs that played most recently in the first decade of the 2000’s that have become valuable as coaches. He is one of those who used NFLE to make a position change to safety and move to the NFL

Since KJ had retired as a Rider this would seem like a very good option. Riders had created these other positions within the organization for guys like Rey Williams, and Geroy Simon. Bring Kerry into the fold as a QB coach. I think you have a good point here cflsteve

I wonder about Damon Allen? What is he up to these days?

or AC?

That rumor never happened. The Riders never did sign him to a one day contract and he retired as an Eskimo.

Hmm don't see AC coming here. Has a good home life in Quebec and if he takes any position I think it would be with the Als.

oh, thats interesting. I thought they did sign him to one day contract. Still, he could be a valuable QB coach here.