QB Coach - Who is it?

Prior to camp, I wrote a message on this forum that we need a QB Coach. No one comment.

Who is QB coach? Can Paopao be everywhere at the same time NO.

Do you see Maas sitting with down with anyone to discuss strategies. NO

All I see is everyone sitting on the sidelines steaming.
Like little children not getting there way!

Start talking. Hey how about QB consulant
How about look at crossing routes with Holmes,Flick and Ralph


waching the Argo,s al,s game, To,s D has CFL passing game figured out, IMO if qb,s started to run with the ball more that would force the d to have one less player in coverage(zone)- and force the d ends to Contain the QB, aka Flutieball imo

Right on 1

Rolling out and playaction is the way to hurt Argos D,true.

But try it when they are hot and your O line isn't dominating,not too successful ,but that sums up football.

You're correct ,roll out and playaction and their D shows a soft side to it's belly.

Hey Wally, same here i posted the no QB coach and was laughed at. Oh the one comment with Pao Pao and Maa, there is no need for a Qb coach. But according to my listing, there is no Qb coach, no receiver coach, NO OC, NO DC, oh ya and we FIRED our head coach. If you look at the successful teams in the CFL all of them have all the above. Oh and yes Lancaster Jr was the Qb coach in Edmonton when they won the GREY CUP...

Admit it the season is over, if you don't you are just kidding yourself. I will give the boys in black and gold 2 more wins this year. They will hAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE NEXT WEEK TO KEEP THE BOO BIRD IN CHECK. perhaps they will score an awesome 4 points to superseed the last 2 games

re-Rolling out and playaction is the way to hurt Argos D,true.
Not saying that QB, should run on designed play,s all the time but old fashioned scrambling, not set nfl stile timeing plays, and the forward pass option(run and shoot)also- maybe T end set, wont work in CFL?what is u op?