QB Coach in Bomber's Future

Looks like HC M. O'Shea believes in the need of a QB coach and good on him.

*And..there are now 4 names on the DC list.
(Rumour…Orlondo Steinauer and Dennis McPhee on the list.)


I would have trouble believing the Orlando Steinhauer rumor. He’s the DC in Hamilton and I would imagine he would still be under contract since he’s only been there for 1 year. I can’t imagine Hamilton would let him go at this point for a lateral move and put themselves in a position to have to find a new DC this late in the game. If I’m not mistaken they can block it since it’s not a promotion.

Dennis McPhee on the other hand could be a candidate. Don’t know much else about him other than he’s a Dline coach with Hamilton and he’s been a HC in the CIS.

....I like the fact we are going in the direction of a designated qb. coach....bout time....As for McPhee or Steinhauer being sought by O'Shea...could be possible IF you attach an asst.coach title..I could see the Bombers doing that with Orlando, who is very comfortable and familiar with O'Shea....As far as blocking a request from another team to interview it's staff...NOT a wise move...Not only would you have a disgruntled coach (see Jarious Jackson) it reflects badly on a team who would do this...Buono and company are now in that category and from what I'm hearing it has spread to the players who have concerns now,,....soooo not a wise move....Mack was an example on how not to do business in this league and we paid a price for it....We'll see...Don't be surprised to see Steinhauer or McPhee as two of the finalists in our DC search (a couple more also on the radar)... After being scooped for Stublers services, I think the gloves are off...AND as far as it being too late...heck Edm., Mont. are still sorting things out with staff and finalizing coaches...It's not too late, at all. :wink:

He may want Stienhuer but it does not mean he will get him you are right.
It could be a situation that we saw in Toronto that Milanovich wanted Jones and jones he got.
This could have been a plan the two had in 2012 O'Shea and Steinhuer should O'Shea become a head coach but he may have gotten that job a year late.
As for a QB coach for sure one would be needed. Who is available qualified and willing to go to the CFL from wherever they may be could be the question.
It would most likley be a former player looking for coaching job or a CIS guy who could be thinking about taking on QBs and receivers say for extra salary and the possible potential to be an OC.
May not be a position a CIS HC may take but possibily on offensive coordinator in the CIS