QB Coach for the 2022 Argos?

I imagine Ryan Dinwiddie is burning up the phone lines talking to new Coaching prospects. Half of the listed coaches on the Argos site are now employed by Edmonton so there will be a lot of openings. I for one would like to see Ryan bring in Damon Allen as QB Coach. Can't think of anybody else who would have more knowledge of QBing in the CFL.

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Dinwiddie seems a bit on the control freak side to me. I think he adds OC to his list of duties and continues to call plays. I would not be surprised if Nick Arbuckle is brought back to run his RPO style O.

He will need help with a good O line coach though so we'll see who Calgary has left to share. Unlikely to get DelMonaco.

I think you might have something there in him being a control freak. Maybe a mistake a lot of young coaches make coming in to a new organization and wanting to show they're in charge.

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He won't come as he is happy in Detroit but Kevin Glenn.
There is not a QB anywhere that played with Glenn that did not become a better QB IMHO.

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Would love to see KG back in the league and agree that he was a good teammate. Don't see a good fit with Dinwiddie though.