QB cheering decorum

I understand the chants of "JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY!"

but seriously guys, at the start of a drive? To the fans in my section who thought that'd be a good idea. kinda remove your collective heads from your collective poop-chutes.

At the end of a crappy drive? sure, go for it.

After a 2 and out? have at your badself

INT or QB fumble? go nuts.

At the start of a drive after a solid defensive effort (finally) with Masoli already in the huddle? What the hell are you thinking?

I thought this is the kind of fans the team is trying to cultivate? Could be wrong.

I thought it was funny, people needed something to do to kill boredom cause everyone in that stadium knew that it was gonna be a crap drive anyway. Second half there was literally zero reason to believe in a drive or get out of your seat and yell. Masoli can't handle some of that maybe try throwing a TD pass.

Fair enough, but why pile on your own team before they screw up. They didn't need any extra help playing like garbage

Well why sit quietly and bored when u paid good money to see good football and the QB in isn't giving you it. It really wasn't before they screwed up tho there wasn't chanting til the forth quarter, it wasn't before they screwed up it was for all of the 2 quarters of garbage play after halftime.

guess you said it yourself.

u paid good money to see good football.

Why make it harder to see good football by getting on our own offense.

Sure, chew them out and boo if you want to when they're scurrying off the field in shame after another lackluster drive, but to do it at the start is just ignorant and counterproductive.

Some of those chants last night were coming from a group of Rider fans sitting behind me! Not from Ticats fans - although I sure can't speak for other sections of the stadium but that's all I heard.

people always say they paid good money....what is bad money?

Any and all of us that bet on a Hamilton victory.

so bad money is any money that doesn't come back to you with friends? :slight_smile:

I love our team and the passion of our fans. But it continues to amaze me how quickly we turn on our QB's. No other team in the league does this. Time after time, we do this. How about admit that June Jones (who many are also turning on) and the rest of the coaching staff know more about football then us and simply support the entire team. I remember an interview a few years ago with Anthony Calvillo in which the reporter asked him if he had any advice for Zack. His advice was " Don't lose"

Bench the QB and fire the coach are the two things Ticat fans go to when it's getting bad. Even Lancaster and McManus were booed mercilessly at times when it clearly wasn't their fault.

Heck I remember a specific member threatening a boycott if Khari Jones didn't get playing time over Danny Mac.

If your losing it's gonna have something to do with the coach and QB maybe not all on them but the percentage of blame is large on there shoulders. I don't see how you can possibly think this is an "only in Hamilton" way of thinking it's pretty much the way it goes and has gone forever in all football.

The argument from authority is always strange too, everyone on the Detroit Lions coaching staff in 2008 was a professional with years of experience and training and they went 0-16. Lancaster and all his years of experience went 1-17 in 2003, yes they know more than we do yes they have experience and they see these players everyday but it doesn't mean theyre not wrong and sure as hell doesn't mean on an opinion message board we should stand by and not vent what we see is wrong. Simply supporting the team no matter what just isn't right for some people we needa vent anger even if we don't fully mean we want someone actually fired.

So it's not possible that management providing the players or ownership not providing the $$ has anything to do with it?

In 2003 Danny Mac's best receiver was Andrew English. Who's fault is that?

And as critical of Ive been of both Jones and Masoli i don't believe after 5 games it makes sense to cut bait on either one... Some do. The difference is criticism vs wanting them fired. (Something that's happened around here way too often).

So true. Do I sometimes disagree with the play calling or some of the throws that are made? Sure, but it’s a team game. Other than the return by Williams, special teams was still a weak point IMO (we need consistent yards) and once again, no turnovers on D.

I was at the game and I thought the whole team looked weak. Sometimes after a bye week, teams come back flat, so hopefully it was just that.

I also thought the overall atmosphere of the game was lacking. Unfortunately, I only get to see one or two games a year. Our section was so quiet! There was one person who whistled a lot, a kid with a cowbell, and my poor fiancé trying hard to start the “defence? chant and that was about it. Everyone else just sat there quietly the whole time (including me mostly, but I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant, so I get a pass lol).

Our section didn’t actually have a lot of people shouting for Johnny either though, which was nice, I guess.

So you think it's Management's fault, but they're so much more experienced then us fans right, we should not criticize those who actually have jobs in football for they are all knowing. Stare ahead support team no matter what choices made.?

Danny Mac did have Archie Amerson, Tony Akins and Trevor Shaw all from the grey cup In 1999 on the team too, as well as Craig yeast who had some good seasons for us. (The difference was enormous between the two situations and years with Bob Young and everything coming in) but the change in coaches did help in 2004 so I'll blame Lancaster. And we weren't good in 2002 either with him.

We totally agree that noone should be fired yet but we can make it known that we want a change right that's all this is about.

Masoli was a flat tire out there on Thursday and when a tires flat you either ride to the rim or put on the spare, fans just wanted to put the spare on and stop the sparks from flying. That's why you scream at the start of the drive not after it's over.. it's like seeing your neighbor start to leave the driveway with a bad flat you gotta tell em before they get to far.

The 2003 team was terrible. Zero ownership, zero money put into the team. Zero chance to succeed.
So bad the team was owned by the league from August on.
I'm gonna let Lancaster and McManus off the hook for this one.

I'm not blaming ownership or management for this team....yet. but June Jones is clearly in charge and there's no Austin to blame anymore.

We actually mostly at least half agree then it's Masoli and June Jones that need to be way better. Masoli is just an easier in game switch then head coach. Don't know what to chant when coach messes up and we want change, I guess "Glanville""Glanville"

I don't think "Sometimes" is the right word when talking the TiCats. That seems to have become a tradition here. :frowning:

Good thing they were not flat and well prepared before the bye week...