QB Change

Alright, enough is enough already rider nation. We have put up with Durants unconsistent play bullcrap for 2 years now! Chamblin has to understand that you cant just leave him in there every game and just hope he gets better! He knows that Corey wont replace him, therefore he is no were near worried about being pulled or traded. I hope Taman (GM) brings in another quarterback A.S.A.P and immediately puts him in a battle with DD for the starting spot. We are obviously not gonna get a big household name QB like Ray, Calvillo or Burris. I was thinking we could go after guys like Alex Brink and Adrian McPherson...theyre both young, talented guys and with some good work they can be stars in the league! With Joey Elliot stepping up in Winnipeg and lighting it up..it leaves a huge question to ask, where does pierce fit in? Im not saying I would love to have Buck Pierce..its just an option. I have always respected Durant and no question hes a good quarterback but I really think hes gotta go. What do you think ridernation? let me know :thup:

i think there are multiple threads on the main page alone discussing this, and another was unnecessary.

All are different though, In this post I discussed options on who to might get. I have not seen any like that soo it was neccesary. Also people like to read everyone..good day bud :rockin:

No, let's not. Cc has no plans to change either

I wouldnt be to quick to say that man, you never know :wink:

I think they may be at that point that if does struggle and play a bad 1st half starting Drew willy the second half may light a fire under DD. Even last season BC did not begin to turn things around after a stuggling Lulay was benced for the second half it changed their whole season.

I think if DD does not come out with guns a blazin' then put Drew in the second half, I agree DD thinks he has this start rapped up, maybe time to show him he is not safe as a starter, lets face it , he has been hot and cold for a long time now. We need that next win to turn this team around and and put some confiedence back in our team. CC needs to do something to make it happen , if it means sitting DD then so be it!!

I'm from the Lancaster years, remember them well, but to make a point on this topic, when Farigal was HC he always played Hopnegal, and Barnes came in only in last 1/4 when we where loosin , he always put points on the board, he went on else where to have a solid career! but when he was here he should of been our starter!!

Other than the BC game, Durant has been great. He's a warrior.

The receivers need to give him some better targets. No one is getting open. Getzlaf is the only guy producing lately. They're getting shut down. That's inexcusable.

The offense needs to put a couple of deep balls back into the playbook. It's like they have just given up on the deep ball. Getzlaf's 30 yard catch late against the Stamps was the only deep ATTEMPT that they've made in the past 2 games. I realize that the pass rush that they have faced from Edm, BC and Cal has been strong and although the protection has been decent, he hasn't had a ton of time to throw, but you can't go 2 full games without a 40+ yard attempt. If you need a design rollout once per half, once per quarter to buy time for a long bomb, then put it in the playbook.

If the QB isn't playing well, change him, no matter how big of a star he is. However, except for the BC game, Durant has played great. He's played very well this year, even the Calgary game. The BC game is the only game this year where I would have given Willy a shot, maybe mid 2nd quarter, then put Durant back in 2nd half to see if there is an improvement, if not then let Willy finish.

I agree it is not all on Durant that is for sure but they are not winning games and the passing game has been struggling. Whether its the play calls, the receivers not getting seperation and getting open, or Durant making bad decisions it is time to make players accountable.
I think that reveiver caraosel that went on after bagg went down for the season really knocked everything out of whack. The Riders need to settle in on a Unit and go with it.
The season started off great with dressler , getzlaff, Bagg, and Harper, Harper fell out of favor and Efraim Hill just was not producing like last year then Bagg got hurt. Not sure waht the deal is with Harper but taj smith has seemed to be the Bagg replacement. Jeffers Harris doesnt do anything fast like coach wants and everyone sees his lack of effort. Why is he still there.