QB challenge

This has been referred to im some posts, so I want to know, does anyone watch the QB challenge? If you do, what do you get out of it, and if not, why not?

I would watch if it was televised(is it?) and I knew when it was on

I like watching the guys throw the balls in the little holes.

It was on the Score, during a program called CFL Snap. I dont know if you have that there or not.

I know it's on Sat. the 13th of May at IWS at 12 noon.


Ivor Wynne Stadium

Oh "AT" I read on IWS and thought CBC or CTV :lol:

lol no that's the live showing...don't know if its going to be televised live of not. could be broadcast later on tape?

I hope it is. I would like to see it.


i think i heard that its on the Score again, not live, and i think its divided into segments like last year. I dont know when its on tho.