QB Challenge - Calvillo a no go.

Maybe reading into it too much but Calvillo is not attending the QB Challenge. Wonder if it has anything to do with his situation in Montreal.

More than likely has something to do with his personal situation back home but just got me thinking.

Side note, it's a pretty good line-up of QB's.

I'm going to guess it probably has more to do with the health of his wife. It's good to see that some people do put family before football and stay with their wives when they are needed.

I'm pretty sure AC's been at the previous Challenges so it's not like he ducks these kinds of obligations. He's a class act. Must be his family situation (wife's health) that's going to keep him home where he should be.

An Argo-Cat fan

I just thought that because the event is May 24th that he may have already been away from home to begin with.

Give the guy a break. He's got other more important things on his mind.

My guess is Bishop wins the longest through....yeah I know taking a stab in the dark there.

how many guys from each team go? two? or is it by invitation(meaning they dont' have to be signed)? who should we expect?


  1. Printers HAM
  2. Williams HAM
  3. Joseph TOR
  4. Bishop TOR
  5. Allen TOR(still hasn't retired! WTF!!!)
  6. Bradly MTL
  7. 2nd MTL QB? (can't remeber)
  8. Glenn WPG
  9. Dinwiddie WPG


  1. Jackson BC
  2. Peirce BC
  3. Ray EDM
  4. Mass or Lafors? EDM
  5. Burris CGY
  6. Dickenson CGY
  7. Green SSK
  8. ??? SSK

Im trying to see where I wrote that AC should be at this event and that if he wasn’t attending there was something wrong with it but I can’t find it anywhere.

No Maas or Lafors


Maas would be booed off the field. Remember, the event is in Hamilton.

It's MAAS, not Mass......................

Montreal's other QBs are Joshua Harris, Will Proctor, and Brad Banks.

And, Green for Saskatchewan?? If you mean Nealon Greene, he's long gone..............

I believe AC's wife has just begun or is soon beginning some more intense therapy due to the first treatment not totaly getting rid of her cancer.

This is a bit from the Winnipeg sun last week,

[i]After several rounds of chemotherapy, a recent scan showed some
problems remained. The game plan changed, calling for another, more
aggressive round of chemo.

"It is a setback," Calvillo said. "It was very shocking for us,
because we thought everything was on course."[/i]

Calvillo has his priorities in order.

Good Luck to him and his family!

I don't know much about the QB challenge, but Ray attending is a good sign for Esks fans that he's fully recovered from last season's injury and ready to get back into things.

The Argos seem to have entered every QB they have....

Thanks for posting that.

That is not good news. My heart goes out to them and I will keep them in my prayers.

At a time like this, a man needs to be with his wife and family and do what's best for his kin. Pity that many professional athletes are more concerned about their own noteriety than their loved ones. All the very best to the Calvillos.

Just replying to a previous post...Im not sure if i could boo Mass. I cant really put a finger on why as he didnt do well in the ticat uniform but at the same time I dont think I could boo him.