QB Cayman Shutter leaving UH to enter CFL draft

Another UH Warrior is leaving the program early.

Quarterback Cayman Shutter has decided to forgo his senior campaign to enter the Canadian Football Draft.

The Punahou School grad, who has played sparingly throughout his warrior career, was born in Canada, and is thus eligible to be drafted as a non-import player…which “ups” his chances of being selected

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4dHEKH6gyU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3hEB-1_7_Q

It only ups his chance of being drafted if he’s willing to play a position other than QB. QBs aren’t included in the non-import count. Hopefully that changes soon.

I know its strange, he’s one year from graduation, his mother works at UH. Makes you wonder what kind of advice he’s getting. He derailed his season this year with a DUI that got him suspended for four games. He’s never played any other position than QB. Let’s hope there isn’t a “Green team” that suggested he quit school…

Sometimes back up QBs at DI schools turn out to be better than the starters turning pro. Apparently he stayed at UH for family reasons. He would still have one year of eligibilty at a CIS school. So entering the draft may be just a ploy to get an invite to E Camp to see how he measures up

That’s probably what it is Steve. I still think the CFL should not do anything to encourage players to quit school. Does he even deserve to be invited to E-Camp? Is he one of the top 50 prospects for the draft ?

Good question on whether he should or ill be invited to E-Camp. Right now I beleive Myles Gibbon, York tranfer from DI S. Alabama, is the only Canadian QB eligible for this years draft of any note. An E camp Invite for a DI back up Shutter may not land him a job in the CFL but could land him a spot in the CIS and a year of playing time. I dont know what the QB situation is in the CIS for this upcoming season but if there is a school with a strong core of 5th year players that are missing a QB then this may be the man for the job. Acadia has a super freshman RB and graves is gone. Saint Mary’s is also getting a transfer QB from MAC i beleive who had a great freshman year but then came Quinlan. For both teams to be relavant at all a QB is needed. Another QB still looking with two years of eligibility is Jordan Yantz who could go home to U of Regina but they are rebuilding post Mueller ERA or UBC another option with Billy Greene gone. I suspect there is a team loking to be releavant this season in the CIS but may be missing a QB.
How quickly Canadian QB talk has become so relevant.

I’m not sure I get this.

You’re either draft-eligible or you’re not. You don’t have to “declare” anything. Unless the league doesn’t know you exist and then you make them aware that you do. I think you have the option to defer your draft year, but that’s not quite the same thing.

Also, what stops him from returning to school even if he is drafted? Players do that all the time. Use Tyler Holmes as an example; drafted by the Argos in early 2011…

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=395949&hubname=nfl-vikings]http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=3 ... fl-vikings[/url]

…yet still played at Tulsa that year…

[url=http://tulsa.scout.com/a.z?s=362&p=9&c=2&cid=1186349&nid=6303611&fhn=1]http://tulsa.scout.com/a.z?s=362&p=9&c= ... 3611&fhn=1[/url]

“Holmes, at 6-foot-5, 308 pounds, was a 2011 Conference USA honorable mention last year.”

Unless Shutter takes a specific action that would blow up his amateur status (I think hiring an agent would do it) then I think the writer is assuming that the process for the CFL is identical to that of the NFL. Shutter may very well have gone to the league to make the point that he qualifies as a non-import (and I don’t bleieve simply being born in Canada qualifies for that, so that seems incorrect too), and therefore the draft, but that doesn’t mean you waive your amateur status.

Am I misunderstanding something?

The way i understand it. If an NCAA athlete participates in an evaluation camp, he is considered a pro and no longer eligie to play. So while he could return as a student not
as an athlete.

That makes sense. This part of the article…

“Shutter is hoping to participate in the CFL combine in March.”

…wasn’t included so I didn’t know that was really his plan.

So yeah, if so, that’s a bad one being that you can be drafted without screwing yourself out of your final year of eligibility in this was. So he’s either getting bad advice based on false information, or there’s a reason that we don’t know why leaving school now is actually acceptable to him.

If Cayman is invited to the CFLs E camp he would be ineligible to return to an NCAA school but would still be elegible to play his 5th year of CIS eligibility for a CIS school.
I would imagine as someone said that Cayman applied for the CFL draft like any player who is playing collegiate football after his 4th year at the University.
Many Canadian players playing in the NCAA were mostly redshirted their fresman year make them redshirt Juniors and usually return for their Sr season at their NCAA school.
CIS players are draft eligible after spending 4 years at his CIS school but if the player does not participate or added to a CFL roster he can return to the CIS for his 5th season of eligibility.
Cayman is intersting because he has entred the draft after 4 years of NCAA play and if he attends E camp or prticipates in training camp for a CFL team he has one year of the 5 year CIS eligibility where he may fit with a school who is returning a strong group of 5th year players but does not have a strong QB.

I see Shutter was a 50% passer this year with Hawaii. 1 for 2 for 3 yards. But from the online videos of him he does appear to have some skills. I think he needs to play a lot though, somewhere this fall before thinking of cracking a CFL lineup down the road.
McMaster would be a good spot for him with Quinlan moving on to the Als.

I agree Cayman would fit nicely with a team that is heavy on 5th year players that is looking for a QB for a season to join them. MAC may be more comfortable with Quinlans back up the last two years. Faulds has taken the Laurier job and may be looking for a QB to run his pro style no huddle offense that he ran at york withc sky rocketed last year with Myles Gibbon Transfering from the South Alabama a new DI team. Also Jordan Yantz from the JR VI Raiders will be looking as well as former SFU starter Greg Bowcott who played for Langley which beat VI raiders last year to advance to the Canadian Bowl. Unless WLU has a QB already on the roster that can handle what faulds is bringing in expect to see one of these three. Shutter may not have played but a few downs he still was with a DI football team and often a back up has the talent to start and has to tranfer to get his shot. Bo Levi Mitchell took the transer route from a crowded QB stable at SMU to Eastern Washinton