QB Byran Randall

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Just noticed that the Falcons have cut Bryan Randall. He would be a great fit for the CFL, let’s hope someone picks him up - he’s go the talent to be a top flight QB in the league.

Michael J

I think I heard he is on the Bombers neg list......but I could be mistaken.

yep, u are bang on..he is on the bombers neg list...taman was actually waiting to see if he was available, and by the looks of it, he is

So is the worlds fastest chicken! :lol:

And from a Falcons fan, He's pretty nice.

He just wasn't going to beat out Vick, Schaub or DJ Shockley. He probably had a better pre-season then Shockley though.

randall is a legit qb- the real deal, he beat out vick's brother a few years back to become the starting QB at virginia tech(NCAA). this kid can flat out play, trust me, he has the speed and tools, all he needs is a good system and experience with the offense. He played at a bigtime school, has the zie, tools, speed, this kid has a future, taman better not screw this one up.

Taman needs to stop putting people like that kicker from the TSN $1million kick on his negotiation list.

and onterrio smith

...i don't see Randall coming up here anytime soon ....he'll probably go on the Falcons pr.....but you never know....Taman will definitely give him a call.......Rumours are starting to surface Glenn might not be ready for Labour Day.....ouch.... :thdn: :roll:

If he does come up north, he'd be a great fit for our game. His passing accuracy improved substantially as a senior at Va. Tech, but this guy is also an extremely tough and gifted playmaker with his feet. There was a game against Miami in 2002, when he ran the ball 25 times(!) for over 130 yards. It would be great if he came up here for some experience, instead of languishing on a PR, waiting for an injury to get game action.

HELLO GLENN'S BACK UP and future Winnipeg starter.


I am very impressed with these responses! I thought for sure it would have been more along the line of “Who’s Bryan Randall??.

He got a bit of a raw deal in Atlanta. Shockley didn’t out play him, it think was more of the case of the Falcons reaching out to the Dawgs fans in Atlanta. I hope Randall finds his way up here.

Michael J